Thursday, May 18, 2006

Updates on last night's dinner fest

So this is what happened yesterday. I left the office at 4:30 and started walking towards the train station.

on the way I met a lot of people who knew me....But doesn't mean trhat I know them. According to them they were a couple of schoolmates back in highschool who recognize me by face...(I didn't know I was that popular...eeeewww)anyways, so they were headed towards the shake stand and asked me to stay a while but I politely turned them down saying I have an important meeting (and besides I wouldn't give up a dinner fest for them).

outside the mall, where I converse to get to the trainstation, I was humming a tune of an upbeat Japanese song when some random dude sang the words...I was so surprised cause when I looked at him, he was smiling and he looked Japanese. I was totally creeped out so I started cantering towards the trainstation trying to avoid any conversation with the creepy random Japanese dude.

I got in the station and got a ticket. I always ride in one of the two front cars cause guys aren't allowed there. But there was this guy who argued with the guard because according to him, his girlfriend is gonna ride the 2nd car so shall he. And the guard, surprisingly, let him....(after a long discussion)

I arrived in cubao station and ran through a store full of toys...I was stalled by a salesman selling video games. I wanted to shove him but being it that I should be polite I told him to just get lost.

I hurried to the next train and rode til WCC, a hospital in anonas, cubao. There I met up with my parents, who told me that I looked harassed. Come to think of it, I think I did. My hair was a mess and I looked stressed with all the eyebags and stuff.

in the car, i tried to look my best by polishing my hair and wearing make up (something i rarely do...likeonce in a millenium). then we went to pick up some relatives and some non family members before going to the restaurant.

I thought that i was gonna meet up with chok, my childhood friend and his dad but we ended up meeting with my uncle and tita from florida who just came to visit from hongkong.

so there, we sat down and ate...of course, i ordered my favorite...Iced tea...

then i ate everything they put on top of the table...beef with broccoli, peking duck, fried rice, some random stuff i didn't dare to ask about....and almond jelly with fruit cocktail.

there were lots of people in the reto but i wasn't satisfied with the service. theywere a bit sloppy for a restaurant that charge a lot for a meal.

anyways, after that, we went to baywalk to...ummm...walk? we saw a lot of interesting stuff...and i never knew that it was a really hip place to hang out in...its just that.. it only opens at night and i have no time whatsoever to spend would be quite lonely to just stay there without your special someone...and it would feel a lot worse when you see other couples enjoying...

we didn't stay long...cause the parking charge is as expensive as my college plan...

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