Thursday, March 19, 2009

WoW Bunnies!

It's been a while since I last wrote something in my LJ/or any of my blogs for that matter. I still remember back then, when I wouldn't let a day pass without writing an entry or two. I got tired of posting badly written entries with horrendous grammar I guess.

Right now I'm addicted to an online game, World of Warcraft. I started last December when raishiro bought me a subscription as an early christmas present to go with my new laptop. I've heard about the lore and story from him before but I never thought that actually playing a part in it, through the game, was actually exciting. In a month or so, Both our characters reached Level 80 and got ourselves geared for Heroics and raiding. It was an interesting experience cause you don't level up grinding monster kills but from the chunk of XP you get from quests.

My first day in WoW ^_^

Our lowbie Days :)

Xmas event (dancing in booty bay)

The game does hold a lot of interesting content, from choosing your race, class and spec, to leveling professions and secondary skills. They also have a unique option of selling called "auction house" where you can leave our things to be sold and the payments would be recieved from the mail. Imo, it makes things a lot easier than the way I remember my merchant days in Ragnarok. XD Leaving your character in Prontera for hours waiting for someone to come by and purchase your goods isn't exactly fun when you could be out levelling. But that was way back, I don't know if it's still the same. >_<

Petshop in Dalaran

Another thing I liked about the game is the mechanics of raids and instances. I don't know how exactly but from how i've experienced it, you have to be on the same party for you to see players inside each dungeon. Loots have 2 options, which need and greed and rolling options if there's more than one person in the party who needs it. *nod* *nod* Fair is fair ^_^ But my roll luck is prolly the worst in history. I can't count the times I rolled 1 out of 100 for high level amor. XD It's a bit sad when a

So far, I'm really enjoying the game, especially now that we're raiding status. ^_^

Hang out session with

I'm in the process of collecting my T7 set for hunters its a huge pain to get them chanted and gemmed. And who would have thought that balancing stats were this hard when gearing up >_< argh.

We tried to do 10 man EoE the other day. we only got as far as phase 2, killing scions. I hope we have better luck the next time we try :(

And lastly, I wanna share....


clumzy angel and clumzy turtle ^O^


Before an Obsidian Sanctum run, while waiting to be summoned, I noticed this guy in the corner and started to stalk and follow him. :3. Strange hobby this Human Deathknight has....Strange hobby.

He kept running away from me T^T