Monday, August 04, 2008



Lessee..So far out of the 12 I've invited to plurk, I have 11 people enjoying the glory of plurking. XD

Plurk gets more responses in a shorter period of time. I never thought 140 characters can express a whole thought this efficiently. Not to mention the unlimited good fun fun that it brings us. I have Supi , Ate rotch, Ate rael and Ate Jill to thank for introducing me to Plurk. XD

XD So far, I have these people in my f-list.

Ate Rael - 3GmBrain
Vicachu - arsonista
Jake - geffen
Jennifer oneechama - Hagumi
Zae - Hitokiri_Recca
victor - ings
Ate Jill - jiruchan
Josyn - kanae
katben - Katchan
khursten - khursten
mameh Lalie - laliepop
Maan chu - lhyriance
Ate rotch - magnetic_rose
Adz - menismastah
Pat - patchya
Shin - ragingchaosgod
Supi - raishiro
Kang imouto - readymadestar
Rizza sabaw - rizzareformed
Kel - ryokuzen
John - seedsop
Sephiroth - sephiroth
Saki - Shakti
Monkeybuttinhaler - slapmehappy
Xandra - StrawberryChainsaw
Ate tere - ushuaia
Matt Nii nii - xtraryce
Zynnie - zynchyan

Please to be joining us? Click on the linky here and register>>>> LINK

This is what plurk looks like, if you're curious. :3