Thursday, February 22, 2007

Philippine National Anthem

I never thought it was possible but thanks to my little brother, My current LSS is "Lupang Hinirang"...Yes you heard that right.. Our national Anthem! To tell you the truth, it's been a while since I last sang the song. We were on the route home when our little baby, Paul, started to sing the national anthem out of the blue. It's funny that he keeps singing the wrong lyrics and we all ended up singing with him just to help him with the correct lyrics. XD Before we know it, both our mom and dad is also singing along with us. ^o^

My brother's version of Lupang Hinirang"
{That we had to correct}

"Bayang Mangiliw
Perlang silanganan
Agab ng puto
sa tibtib mong buway

Lupang Hinirang
du*mumble* ka mangiting
sa marurupi di ka pasisingil

sa kagat at dundot
sa simoy ngat sa langit mong uhaw
mag tilag at antula at awit sa
paglayang minamahal

ang tislap ng patapa muy
na nagdidingding
ambitwin at alaw
na kailan paman ti magtitili

lupa ng arawat walati pagtinta
buhay ay langit sa pili mo
aming ligaya na pa may maaapi
am mamatay nang tahil sayo..."

XD It's cute how kids get away with these things. I remember back in grade four that we had to beat 3/4 for the song every morning, in front of 700 other students during the flag ceremony. Everybody hates it when it's their turn to beat. Me? Out of my 4 years in that school, I only did it twice. *smiles proudly* But Everytime we utter a wrong syllable/word in that sacred anthem, our merciful principal takes out her stick {whom we named baltok, the pamalo} and beats our poor butt cheeks like it was Jell-o! How were we to know that it was a form of brutality. Back then, it was a normal punishment for those who opposes the system. We're just thankful it's not a clothes hanger of a leather belt... Baltok did our butt cheeks just fine...XD