Monday, April 21, 2008

☆☆Kazune Miku Cosplay!!!!!!☆☆

Arisa just gave me one more reason to love her. ^_^ Now I'm definitely lesbo for her. My love for Ai Otsuka

Isn't she/he adorable?! XD

~Memoirs of a Geisha~

Golden Sparrows way of speaking in the movie, Forbidden kingdom, reminded me greatly of one of my most loved movies. I downloaded Memoirs of a Geisha and though I never got to see the wonder in the big screen, I have huge appreciation for it. The art of being a dignified courtesan and artist marveled me. They're like the old age maidos for the modern day otakus I guess.

I love the kimonos and trinkets on their hair. And throughout the whole movie, the part that I anticipate the most is the dance of the capital. I really loved the ambience of the whole moment. Given the choice, if I had lived in the past, I don't want to be a Geisha, but i'll be an avid fan of those who engage in these arts.

Re-watching the movie for the 7th time, I just grew more fascinated of how it would have felt if I were a geisha. ^_^;; I try to imitate how they twirl their fans imagining that maybe one day I could perform the whole dance in front of an audience who appreciate the art as much, or even more. ^_^

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

☆~ Shugo Chara + Rosario Vampire + Heat Stroke... Talagang Summer na~☆

☆~ Shugo Chara + Rosario Vampire + Heat Stroke... Talagang Summer na~☆


I’m done watching Dangerous Liaisons (actually the night before pa... But I was too lazy to blog). It’s a movie worth watching. Old English movies are really scandalous and witty. I guess one can still pick up things from movies still. I’m fascinated with the games they play, especially ones with deceit. It’s cool the way they coerce people to take part in their little ploys just to amuse themselves with all that wealth and power. Also, I adore the way they dress and carry themselves. I wanna try that too! LOL I’m not exactly one whom everyone would consider as a lady but hey, a girl can dream right? XD I would love to wear something like this… If panniers aren’t that hard to come by, and corset busks aren’t that expensive and only available internationally, I would have had one already. Sad to say, I don’t have the time and money to spend in these elegant masterpieces. But what really caught my attention in that movie is how the lead character thought he was playing the girls not knowing that he's also being toyed with, by his ex-lover even! ^_^ I just love the way it pings...Although, the weird and unnecessary naked scenes were really awkward. >_<>_<

(L: One of the gowns worn by the cast of the movie; R: Dangerous liaisons exhibits)


I just saw episode 13 of Rosario Vampire and well, its not as expected since they kinda rushed the story, but its okay nevertheless. Its just sad that Rie Kugimiya dubbed my least favorite character in that story. I’m usually up for the lolitas in the story but for this specific anime, yukari-chan just plain turns me off…She doesn’t appeal to my inner loli-con. >_> She just lacks that Lolita factor. I dunno how, but she just does…

(L-R: Yukari(not loli),kurumu,moka,mizore,ruby )


I am also watching Shugo Chara. Why? Cause Tadase reminds me of Kazune! Like Kazune, Tadase also holds a very importnt role in the story as the almighty bishie... hee hee... Tadase has a "would-be" character of a king/prince. He wants to rule the world. His shugo chara is Kiseki. A prince who bosses around the other shugo charas. I like it when he transforms whenever people would call him "prince/king". A tiny little crown pops on top of his head and he starts to act weird. XD Of course, there's also other bishie out to steal the heart of the main main character, Amu. Lol... Ikuto, the dark violinist kitty (I also like him... cause he's a cat. XD). But still, nothing could take Kazune's place in my heart. :3 Oh yeah, Kazune is younger than Tadase. XD HURRAY FOR SHOTA!

(L-R: Tadase, King's Chair; Kazune's god form and human form )


Umabsent na naman ako kagabi… I remember myself telling mishi yesterday morning… “Hinding-hindi na talaga ako aabsent!!!” After seeing my pay (my pay... my pay.... my pay...AAAAHK!) when I checked the atm… And yet here I am…gar. I felt dizzy and it felt warm. When I got home, I started vomiting and I felt very dizzy. I couldn’t even text without shutting my eyes every other word that I type. My lola told me to lie in bed and sleep. I took vertilate and some iron tablets…I was only able to text my TL @ work around 7:30 when I was sure that I really couldn’t come to work. And I have to go to the doctor again tomorrow… I just hope he’s like Dr. De Leon… >_< class="insertedphoto">. Come to think of it, when we went to shoot for Mishi’s project, it was a bit warm outside, but I think I remember that there was a light dripple later that afternoon…