Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DInneR! FooD FesT!

*sings* Lalalalalala

I'm wearing a pretty dress and silver high heeled foot wear because today, someone's gonna treat out our whole family (including some non family members) to dinner!

I'll tell you all the other details in my next post....but first, let's talk about feelings...

hmmm..err..ummm...okay...find my center...GO!

first up, i am really upset...well, since last night. everyday after working in the office, i go home and go online to unwind and look at some funny videos from you tube or just read some jokes off the internet to make me feel a bit better.

being far from your beloved is not actually easy to cope up with especially during the times when you realize that you are alone and you have absolutely no friends whom you can lean on.

anyways, back to the reason why i'm upset. I came home and found out that my internet connection which is hell a lot more expensive than what i can normally afford has been going loco. I couldnt go online...

"good thing they have a toll free hotline which i can use to call" I told myself. I grabbed my sister's phone and dialed. I was put on hold because there were no operators to attend to me so i waited...the music was soothing for the first 5 mins... but 30 MINS?!!! so i dialed again...and again....and again....

Finally, after the nth time. someone answered! its actually a human being with functioning braincells!...-_- and not some voice answering machine that actually sounds like our radio production professor.

anyways after trouble shooting, (which seemed like forever btw) she finally told me that those FU***N technicals are workin on the base whUtever server of theirs. AH!! i wanted to strangele her! but knowing that its not her fault that my connection s faulty, i decided to vent out my irritation and frustration in a more productive way. I drew tons and tons of drawings. I even made one that looked like my supervisor (kinda cute cuz she's holding a phone).

anyways, after that (messin' up my room with all my art stuff), I felt my eyes getting i threw everything to the floor and lied flat on the bed and the ZZZzzzz started floating.

I woke up today to the sound of breaking egg shells and my mom's transistor radio. i turned on my laptop but the connection is still the same so i called customer care again and they asked me to the the same FU***N thing i did last night. Now, I have to wait for their techs to call and give me a service number...And then...only then can i get people to fix it for free!AHHH!*tears some of my hair off* this is really frustrating...if this happens again, i'll get a lawyer and sue smart!...but first i'm gonna read again the terms and conditions of the sevice.

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