Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I don't blog so much?

I'm back in the ph, finally. After that almost 30 hour ordeal I went through, I am finally home. Nothing can replace the sweet sweet smell of the Phils in my heart. *kisses the ground*

Originally, I want to start my entry with the story of my ordeal that lead me to be a complete racist against Indians and mainland chinese people but I might end up saying things that I don't really mean in the process and get myself in to more trouble so let's just leave it at that. Its a tale to be told in some random moments with friends. Instead, let me start this entry with something else.


I think I know the reason why I can't write anything on any of my blogs anymore.

You know how I always start my blog entries with things that usually leave me upset? Then I follow it up with something that would amuse me and probably some of my readers while reading about an experience that would usually leave people incredibly annoyed. But, ever since I got into a committed relationship, I started to slack in writing. Its not that I stopped having experiences that made me upset but because I finally found someone whom I can share them with.

It's been a year 3 mos since I last held his hand. To me, they were never that warm til I first held them again. I never knew how much I missed him until he hugged me and said he missed me too. I just hope I could see him again soon.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dragon Age/ Tamagotchi

Its amusing how I spend almost an hour writing an entry only to realize after reading it that I really don't want to share it and I end up erasing it.

So yeah...here's what I got.

=_=I just reformatted my OS drive to upgrade my w7 to the full version. I thought I backed up everything I needed, until last night when I tried to play Dragon age.


Yep... I forgot to back up that shit. Before I knew it, I was doing a marathon of head-desk, head wall, and facepalm all over my room. With that, I spent an hour or so contemplating about the meaning of life, cereals and my future with Alistair. None of the three sounded like a good Idea. And soon, I felt the tears peek out, and it didn't take long before they started to trickle down the side of my face. Memories of each agonizing quest played in a slow laptop started to come back to me. I'm haunted by the memories of how it was a challenge to kill a freaking dragon in the ruins, How it took me forever to finish the whole sloth demon encounter in the circle of the magi; the multiple attempts to try to get Alistair to bed me until I learned that its only possible at party camp (this is embarrassing) and lastly, I'll never forget that hell of a mind fuck puzzle I had to solve to get a pinch of Andraste's ashes...

Nakie tiems with mai Dragon Age Posse

I'm planning to play it again but I might wait it out 'til I feel better. I just realized that this might be how it feels when someone you love has amnesia... or going back in time to before you started a relationship with your special someone. /cries a little inside

Vicachu and Vicky made my day last Saturday at the Eiva Meeting when they showed me their Tamagotchis and gave me my own. If it were possible, I would have crapped rainbows because of the overflowing happy inside me. I opened it as soon as I got home and RTFM to set it up. :3 I love the fact that I got a female pet with a panda doll for a toy. It suits my preferences perfectly. It was hard to think of a name. Initially, I wanted to name it something by combining vicky and vica's name together but the toy wouldn't let me cause it was too long. So I named it Supichi ~(>w<)~ *flails* I got so excited. My pet was very obedient and well mannered (for a baby) and it sings and plays the sax. A day after though, it got reset though so I had to start over again ... (Kinda like my OS and Dragon age ... :/) I lost the panda pet and well my new pet is stubborn. :/ It doesn't like to practice and spends most of its time moping like some kind of emo apple teenager with issues. And it craps a lot :/

Moving on, Its been a while since I held a tamagotchi. I was surprised that it has items now and the version that Vicky and Vica Chu gave me could get my pet its own band to play music with. O_O Yeah... It has school too.

I know some people in my f-list (lol you know who you are) will probably just shrug and say that its just artificial... having a virtual pet. It may just be a bunch of pixels to some and it could never replace a real pet but for some people like me, who do not have the time, patience and money to spend on a real pet, this suits me just well. I could take it anywhere without worrying about if pets are allowed, no poop/pee to clean, and other mundane pet tasks to do. Just the joy that you have a small pet in your pocket that would amuse you every now and then. I would appreciate a real pet like a cat or a puppy but I don't believe that I'd be a responsible owner. At least, not yet. Until then, I'll make do with my battery-powered pocket friend :).