Thursday, November 19, 2009

WOW: How far are we?


Speaking of WoW , 2 mos of load is gone but before it happened, I was able to accomplish most of the stuff in My to do list after sucky patch, 3.2.

To Get Albino Drake
To Get exalted with all Horde Factions
To Get 100 cooking awards
To Get a dragonHawk Mount
To Get a Hippogriff Mount
To Get Exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard
To Get Exalted with Cenarion Circle
To Get Brewfest TItle
To Get Brewfest Mount
To Get Hallowed Title
To get Headless Horseman Mount
To Get T9 Gear ( Actually I was aiming for T8 or T8.5 but both looks like shit when worn with my belf baby)
To Clear ToCr 10
To Clear ToCr 25
To Clear ToGCr 10
To Clear ToGCr 25

Pandaren Pet

This is what i'd prolly be doing over and over again if i'm next to raishiro when I received his surprise present in my email. ZOMG he bought me a pandaren pet! The one I was freakin out about in this post XD. I'm a huge fan of Pandas and WoW having a pandaren in it's lore is one of the reasons why I love it. Preferably though, I want a real playable pandaren race... It would probably be the only reason why I would whole-heartedly play an alliance toon. The panda pet responds to /bow and /drink and does kung fu moves when you're idle. It yawns too! XD So cute. It reminds me of myself and supi in a lazy weekend afternoon. We be pandas!


As part of my goal for the albino drake, I took a quest to grow my own mount. I dragged raishiro to the quest area and we did the quest. It should have taken 20 days to grow our baby dinos into mounts but since we're both too lazy to go the the quest area everyday, it took longer than it should have lol. XD But in the end, we both got our swift sweet reward. *tears* And we grew them together too... We fed them together... we found toys for it together... *sniff* They grow up so fast

Supi and me with our full grown Dino Mounts

My Headless Horseman Mount

Collecting aerial mounts

Speaking of mounts, I noticed the lack of balance in my land to air mount ratio when I came back to WoW. I had more land mounts than aerial mounts. I figured its time for me to grind for aerial mounts. That's probably why I bought every single Netherwing drake, I got the albino drake and the green protodrake too. I'm still scouting for a good group to complete the Glory of the Hero achievement to get the red protodrake. I also have Tempest keep on farm with a good group in hopes of the phoenix mount dropping (But I'm not really that enthusiastic about it... really -_-).

My New Albino drake :D

DragonHawk mount :D

15man Tempest Keep on Farm

Bank Progress

Raishiro and I moved to Bonechewer almost 2 mos ago. The server is a real upgrade from our old one, Khazgoroth. It was a bit of a challenge to adapt to a Pvp server from where I started, PvE. But the experience wasn't half bad. The new guild is made up mainly of Filipinos like me so it felt a little better to speak my mother tongue on guild chat and on vent XD. Gone were the days of language and accent barriers from foreign Guild masters/Raid leaders/etc. With the occassional Lebanese guildies asking everyone to speak in english, I'm pretty comfortable with the guild setup.

The sad part there was, I had to abandon my 3 bank alts in Khaz'goroth. I had one for cloths and leather and mats, one for ores, bars and other mining stuff, and the last is for the BOE items that I pick up along the way. I took what I could but I had to leave most of the stuff I saved. I don't regret moving but it was sad to leave my bank babies behind XD. Starting new in Bonechewer wasn't that easy. I'm remaking my bank alts one by one and so far, this is what I've got. It's not much but it's a small step to get back my whole fortune XD.

LU Live 09 And other stuff

O harro thar! XD It's been a while since I wrote an entry so yeah...

I'll prolly blog about a few things that happened since I last blogged. I don't think I can remember everything so I'll just haphazardly write anything I can remember. It's so that when I become really really old ( if I don't die from diabetes, kidney problems and a heart attack XD), and blogs aren't obsolete by then, I'd have something to read to myself or my youngins about how my life was back in the old days.... *imagines tere* (>_o oops)

Anyways, I've been telling myself that I'm going to stay clear of the cosplay stuff for a while since its too much of a liability for me and it invites unnecessary baggage to both my emotional and personal development. I don't think I need to elaborate since it might spark a new flame but let's just leave things as it is. 2009 will be the last year that my expenses would have to deal with cosplay and stuff related to it. Wee~ I already fullfilled one of the two promises for cosplay that I committed to and the last one will be on December :) So I'm not that far from starting my plan to financial freedom.


As part of my first promise, last LU Live, I helped Thyalla and Ryunaito at the ECO Guild booth a bit. I cosplayed as a Bellato Guildmaster. I'm not very good at sewing so I went to our seamstress for help and she basically taught me a lot of things. She did most of the work but I was pretty happy with the result. Being an amateur, I made a couple of mistakes with the dress but I think it held together during the con. It was scary though, at one point, I thought it would fall off. (>_<) Having no bewbs, for the top to hold on to, is kinda hard.

Photos from Randy ^o^

The first day was hectic. We had a lot of problems regarding the booth setup and other things. XD I figured there's prolly a need to complain about some LU Live stuff... But I won't. I don't think I have the position to and I'd rather that it come from the people who were actually involved in negotiations with the LU team. :) But I hope next year would be better.

The booth had two sides, the photobooth and the sales booth? XD Randy and Dave did a great job in lining the frames for support and most of the guild members who were there supported and assisted in setting up the booth as well. There weren't a lot of people on the first day so it wasn't as hectic til Peppy dragged me, seme and vince to do a photo op with HOL's Mau XD. I'm not used to getting my picture taken by a lot of people. And I'm bad at posing, I know. I can't even tell my bad side from my good side (if I have one lol). So the feeling of being in front of a lot of flashing lights kinda freaked me out inside XD. But that doesn't make me love peppy less :) *hugs peppy*

I'm so happy that Hayri was able to make it to the 2nd Day and hang out with the awesome people in our booth. ^w^ Dave hugged him!...which is prolly a little scary but cute nonetheless XD. After the event, ECO and HOL went to Gerry's for Dinner and we ate and sang and mebbe freaked out a couple of people... BUT WE HAD FUUUUN! ( Well, I did cuz I got a plateful of baked scallops :3)

I'm not an RF ECO Guild member but I am in WoW so it really made me happy to see the IRL faces of my WoW guildmates, all the more everyone loved the beauty of my favorite WoW Website, Wow Heroes. X3 It beats the crap out of explaining gear shits. *dances the lambada*

Hanging out with Ate Bart and Louie, I met a lot of cool new people. And to make things better, they also play WoW! ^o^ They're playing alliance in Anetheron. TBH, I had very little respect for alliance when I was in Khaz'goroth. Most of that angst and hate pvp crimes was mainly because I'm a true blood horde baby and cause Varian Vagina Pants is a big asshole. But with Louie and Ate bart and their friends playing Alliance, I found myself playing one. XD

I first met most of them from Ate Bart's Surprise Bday party in Libis. We talked all night about WoW stuff and well, more wow stuff. XD And what more, I learned that Jacky/axelle used to hang out with the UM Soul Calibur Boys! XD With raishiro and paeng and coke and crooper and stilz. I found it absolutely adorable. I usually hate rogues in WoW but he's an exception :3 (This means I'll pick on him most ^w^)

I'll start levelling my toon there for real once I've secured my rank in Bonechewer with Shadow Circle. :3 After all, I'm still horde at heart ♥


one of the many things I like about hanging out with Ate Bart is their adorable delicious fluffy widdle wubbable kitties, Simon and Aine ♥♥. Aine just arrived a week or so ago but before that, whenever i'd sleep over, Simon is my playmate. Simon is a fluffy ball of love! Simon and I share a lot of fun memories together... (well fun mostly for me... XD) ^w^ Then they got Aine last week. I got to meet her last Sunday when I hung out with Ria, Louie and Ate Bart in Eastwood. We took the two kitties for their grooming and picked them up later that day. Hayri was able to meet both of them and he felt their fluffy too~ :3

I got to hang out with the kitties more when Ria and I went to help them move stuff to their new room in T.Sora. It was fun fun keeping Simon away from humping Aine. He looked pissed that its so cute ^o^.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Looking back :)

I want to blog about a lot of things that happened to me from December of last year, til now... But I won't. People rarely care about backlog stuff and I'm too lazy to write what I remember. And friends find friends spamming their F-list with things irrelevant to their interests, annoying. I'm not aiming to annoy anyone at this time. The experience isn't as fresh as I want it to be and I realized that sharing to people you barely know in your blogs doesn't really make me feel healthy. So I'll try to give a short summary of everything so I'll remember them if I read this entry in the future.

I don't really write well, that I know for a fact. If there's one thing I regret, that's prolly the lost opportunity to learn how to write and read well. I want to justify that I only read the things that I find amusing, but I realized that lately, that the things I find amusing are just merely fads and popular reads. So yeah, i'll leave it at that before I get shot by the bookworms on my F-list.

Moving on with the list of chepot's sick sad world updates...

December, supi left for America... I felt sad, depressed, etc... you know about that. I drowned myself in an MMORPG called World of Warcraft. I got addicted, and bam before you know it, I got level cap, gears and achievements. But it led to some unwanted casualties in my career development (what career?), emotional development and personality development. I felt crippled without a job for four months moping in my room, devoting my life to an online game in hopes of developing a better relationship with my boyfriend. Friends hated me cause I barely go out with them and flooding plurk with nothing but online game stuff thatthey don't really appreciate kinda ticked them off. ( Thank you plurk for Private cliques :))

My birthday was a big turning point in my life. On this, I won't elaborate cause I'll sound like more of a bitch that people both hate and love me for. And I'm not really good friends with my bitchy side so let's try to keep things happy or or neutral at least. After my birthday, things got pretty messy. I got a new job later that month and I felt somewhat happy and employed, trying to work together with my bf in our relationship on the side.

After May and April, I became more irrational, irritable and unreasonable. I'm not saying it's completely changed now but hey, the first step to fixing something is recognizing the problem right? So I'm working my way to fixing myself. :) (awww optimism... Isn't it precious?) I'm lucky to have a very understanding, patient and loving boyfriend who stayed and put up with my annoying attitude to work on a better solution for our situation. The dark times in my life is almost always remedied by his support and patience and I thank the heavens for him in my life.

During that chaotic time, I got plagued with expenses, recurring issues from retarded ex-boyfriends, and perverted dirty old men at work who wanted to have a go with me and some other things that I'd rather not mention to avoid further conflict. My paranoia level raised to a 10. I became wary of male companions. I mean, as a woman, I probably hate my kind more than anyone else... But in this situation, I'd rather choose the company of mostly female or preferably, female-only friends. I later resolved this issue after I talked to some male colleagues and friends. Special thanks to Hayri for helping me with questions so I can reflect... (And mom's still asking for the baked tahong recipe you told her about)

I quit my job for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the 38 y/o man who kept giving me indecent proposals. We had a confrontation at one of our barkada meets and I think I was able to clarify and resolve that. Also, the environment of the job posed a threat to my relationship and as impractical as it may seem, I value my relationship more than my job. So I quit... of course there were also bigger reasons but since this is a blog, I'll leave it for the people I really call "friends". Don't you wish I'd just become a drama whore and tell the world how I was oppressed so you can talk about it? XD d'awwwww

My first ex bf who resides in Toronto.. (or was it Ontario...I dunno but they rhyme so whatever) also gave me a headache cause he wants to come home to get married. I guess I still came off as a gullible and stupid ex gf who would welcome him with open arms after we broke up 9 years ago. Long story short, he knocked up a classmate, wanted me to adopt the baby, told me I was good for nothing for not adopting the "authentic " canadian baby, and now he's going to marry the girl, he suddenly wants to come home and demand that I marry him. I know he needs immediate psychiatric help. I don't really wonder why I attract people like him in my life cause I'm aware that I'm also crazy but I sometimes wish God would deliver them in moderate amounts.

September was a big month for both me and supi. It marked the 3rd year of our relationship.. we still have a long way to go but I'm hoping that we can keep the relationship in a good condition for years to come. I've never been this happy with anyone in my life and I could not ask for more for now. Though our current situation, long distance relationship, is not ideal. I am gearing myself to someday follow and investing on myself to start a career there if my luck would hold. I've learned a lot from our relationship in these past years and I look up to my partner for having such patience and optimism. I hope that in this relationship, I can do things right, and even better.

I also got to attend GCA in Singapore to help man the booth for GDAP, meet with friends, and do errands in Singapore. With my recent addiction to World of Warcraft, I also re-discovered the long lost gamer potential in me. I don't think I can ever be hardcore but I learned to appreciate games and gamers thanks to this experience. I learned there that I missed a decade's worth of quality games that I'm only discovering now thanks to the people I met, both old and new friends. All in all, I loved the experience. ( :D And I got my PSP there so hell yeah! Fucking experience get!) It's sad that my budget is pretty limited so its the only one I can snag... >_< I really have to stop being a compulsive buyer in the future.

Then a typhoon hit the country... Our house was flooded up to neck level. The water looked like that wave of chocolate wave running after koko in every koko crunch commercial. Only this time, the wheat field is our house and we didn't go "POOF WE BECAME KOKO CRUNCH" right after. Our neighborhood disappeared from the map for a whole a day. And snakes were running amok in the flood water. Our neighborhood caught, killed and cooked a total of 7 snakes during that whole encounter. The only saving grace there was that I had a sari sari store for a business and it fed a lot of my neighbors. Problems like no electricity, candles and clean tap water started to get to us. As much as I hate rootbeer, it was the only clean liquid drink left so I had to bear with it. And if it weren't for my smart bro internet cable, I wouldn't be blogging right now... so Thank you Smart bro, for making your cables strong and sturdy. I swear never to harass any of your customer service agents again even when they make me wait for an hour on the line to check my connection with their fictional base stations. We were able to save a lot as compared to our but the cost of repair for both the wooden interior of the house and the van is a pain in the pocket so I had to find work and 2 days after, I'm employed :D

The event taught me a lot of things and allowed me to rediscover old important things as well. And I'm willing to do my best to change for the better so I can change the direction of my current life. I'm going to start by finishing the things I started... I don't wanna jinx it but I hope things will turn out for the better.

Maybe i'll have some new year's resolutions for 2010 afterall :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend + Monday

Hmmm I have a current medical condition. Something's wrong with my right arm it seems. I went to the doctor yesterday with my mom to schedule an appointment and also, for my mom can chat her up about their highschool days. I just found it cool that our doctor had a magic 8 Ball in her clinic. It managed to cheer me up after the bad news I heard. It takes the stress off the stuff I cried about after I got the folder of bad news. *dun dun dun ♪ *

After that, mom took me to the grocery to check out some stuff we'll be buying for the party next week. She bought some small spices and I bought some skincare stuff... Vanity isn't really my thing but I feel that lately my age is catching up with how I look and the huge dark circles highlighting the depth of my eye sockets isn't making me look any younger. I'm planning to buy that roll-on thing I saw but I'll wait a bit for reviews before I decide.

On our way out, I took mom to Daiso and I got myself this sweet little baby.

I actually like that its a lot smaller than my actual charger and I can connect it to my laptop through USB... I'm just praying that Nokia has the same thing for my cellphone and I'm all set. XD

Hayri also celebrated his birthday last Saturday and I was invited. I met lots of new people and I enjoyed the whole experience. I drank a bit but I spent most of my time either on the PC talking to my bf, trying to make the Magic Jack to work... or talking and telling jokes. Hayri had some awesome bunch of friends from all walks of life... It was a fun experience. Although I can't help but wish that supi was there with me. Come morning, Katz and I were the last one standing... The rest went home, Hayri succumbed to the call of sleep and Jake snuggled with Elmer on the mat in the living room.

While everyone was asleep, I ate pandesal and chatted with Hayri's mom and we both laughed and joked about stuff til she had to leave for the market. I spent the rest of Sunday morning watching the blizzcon closing performance live from Anaheim California. L80ETC performed in honor of the Horde... and OZZY performed the closing song. I wish I could attend that someday. It would prolly be one of the best experiences I could ever have in my life. ♥ I could prolly live my fantasy to cosplay a blizzard related toon too if I'd be lucky.

I left Hayri's pretty late since it the heat outside was unbearable that my nose bled. They got worried so they gave me ice cream to eat before Jake and I set off for Megamall. I met Seme, John and Vicky outside the convention and we went to red mango to eat Yogurt. I also saw Ariks who hung out with me for a while and we talked about more blizzard stuff.... DOTA STARCRAFT WOW DOTA STARCRAFT DIABLO DOTA STARCRAFT WOW DIABLO over and over again. I enjoyed every moment of it. I also saw Dave and Pepper and it made me haffy :3

We left the area after eating dinner at bubble tea. It was prolly around 9pm or so and I got home at around 10pm -ish.... And there I discovered my medical condition. :< *repeat from the top*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

To play and To watch

o_o My drive D:\ has only 3.21BG left of free space, Thanks to Marlo and ushuaia's stuff XD I'm not complaining but I have a lot of stuff to finish before I can burn them all and free some space.
Stuff to watch:
Getsumin To Heiki Miina
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
True Blood S1-S2
Sengoku Basara
Ice Age 3
Detective Conan OVA 1 and 2
Lucas in Love

I just finished "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." And I absolutely loved it. It had 3 actors that I like... Mila Kunis, Jason Segel and Kristen Bell. ♥♥♥♥ It was just as Supi and Marlo said it would be and more~

I also have a list of stuff to play for the next few monthsl. I have a decade full of games to play to catch up to it seems. Right now, i'm currently playing Diablo 2 with raishiro and Wonderland online with my TS barkada ^w^. I enjoy playing both games especially diablo 2. It reminds me of a fairly similar game I played way back called DarkStone. I'm not sure if people still remember it but I think it was pretty okay.
I'll also download Hello Kitty online later to check out the game. But recent conversations with kikz and co leads me to consider playing Audition again. Watching thugbeat's videos in korea makes me feel a bit envious :<. I'll check later if Audition has any issues with Windows 7 before I decide.
One thing's for sure though, Supi and I are going back to play WoW before Brewfest ^_^. We'll be playing as Tank and heals this time ^_^ and I'm pretty excited. This'll be my first time healing so I expect to suck at first but this is my chance to heal supi <3>_<

Games I wanna play:
Hello Kitty Online
World of Warcraft

Last Remnant
Baldur's Gate
@__@ So many games... So little time. I'm giving myself til a month before my birthday to play and/or finish them all. Good luck to me X3.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eventful weekend

I'm finally home from an eventful weekend. I went to eastwood early last Saturday to meet up with Patrick and the others for a short meet. We originally planned a small pool meet to unwind before a short sparring match but I passed and just met up in Mcdo. Too bad Tiff couldn't make it XD but it was a fun fun meet nevertheless. We talked about games and the results of the last MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament and Nathan's weird obsessions XD.

I had lunch with Ranulf and Jill, where we talked about well,... more games! XD Specifically WoW. I can't wait to go back to get the brewfest achievement. @____@ I want my violet protodrake by next year. *hugs pillow*

After lunch, Ranulf and I went to UP for the Mini cosplay summit in UP ITTC. I met up with Seme, John and the other cosplayers in Bahay ng Alumni . We went in 3 batches and arrived in ITTC a little late. >_<>_<>

The event left me starving so we decided to grab a bite. We couldn't decide on a place so Louie and Bart offered that we just buy food and eat it at their house. We rolled in Louie's Yaris, all 7 of us. We thought it would be cramped but we still had room in the middle where we imagined pepper would/should be. On the way to their place, we grabbed a fish I named Misty and a whole chicken that I named Wanton for dinner. ^_^

We arrived at Louie's place and went upstairs to drop our stuff. I entered the room and there was this 32" Monitor for the sole purpose of playing World of warcraft on wide screen....with 2.5mbps internet. We were running 3 laptops 1 desktop and the the pc conncted to the wide ass screen monitor... and 2 more PCs are running outside his bedroom at that time. He was playing wow without LAG!!!!! LOUIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR HOUSE OFFICIALLY ROXXORS11111111!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *flails in happiness*

After browsing through some pictures, we went down to eat dinner. XD We found out that Vince was a vegetarian.... after Seme and John ate his french fries XD. Sowie Vince >_<;;; And we laughed talking about about love life and relationships ^_~ *wink*

We went back upstairs after dinner and I played with Simon, Bart and Louie's Baby kitty. >_<>

John: "Simon thinks you're his mate"
Me: EH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O No Simon... I has mate already. Supi is my mate.
Simon: Rawr
Me: O_O;;;; *gulp*

Seme and Vince went home and I decided to sleep over with John and Dave. Sweet sweet internet ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I slept at 6am playing *cough*WLO*cough* while dave played dragonica. XD


Come Morning, I had a voice call with supi and we both agreed to play with louie and bart in their guild when we get back for brewfest \o/. Can't wait ^o^

>_o I forgot to give the copy of the fanboys movie in my bag.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love doesn't have to hurt

I learned a lesson in my life,
But I learned it the hard way.
I dont know why I used to fall in love
With the wrong kind.
Than Id suffer so much pain,
But I only had myself to blame.
Baby, you came in the nick of time

To show me love doesnt have to hurt
To feel good, its such a revelation.
With you I can be myself
I know it should
Dont have to cry,
Dont have to fight
Dont have to die
Night after night
Show me love
Doesnt have to hurt
To feel good

Thank you baby

Darling now it seems to me
Like Ive always known you
But I still shutter when I think back
On the lonely times
I used to keep al my feelings inside (deep inside)
From your eyes
I have nothing to hide
Baby, you came in the nick of time

To show me love doesnt have to hurt
To feel good, its such a revelation
With you I can be myself
I know it should
Dont have to cry,
Dont have to fight
Dont have to die
Night after night
Show me love
Doesnt have to hurt
To feel good

Thank you baby

Lying here beside you feels so fine
Talking about everything
In this heart of mine

Love doesnt have to hurt
To feel good, its such a revelation
With you I can be myself
I know it should
Dont have to cry,
Dont have to fight
And in your arms
Night after night
Show me love
Doesnt have to hurt
To feel good

Thank you baby

Sums up pretty much how I feel about relationships. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Windows 7 and Mcdo With friends

I recently upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows 7, with much help from Seme and Marlo. I met up with them a week or so ago for the upgrade. Before that though, Raishiro and I discussed the problems that I might encounter if I change my OS to W7. It included drivers, program/game incompatability and the likes... So I was a bit worried.
I met with with Seme at Mcdonalds, missing Ate Gayle by a few minutes after she left :(. Seme introduced me to Marlo and he got down to working on my lappytop. ^_^ Marlo did awesome and took real good care of my laptop. He installed lots of cool stuff on it too!
After installation.... Tadah!!~ Here's my new Desktop. Lookie the pretty shinyness~ And it runs faster too. Thank you Seme and Marlo \^o^/
I forgot to back up my Plants Vs. Zombies save file (T_T I will have to start over) and my winamp skins so I had to download some of them again XD.
While waiting for everyone, Seme also gave me the stuff they bought for me from Singapore <3>
After a while, the rest of the peeps arrived. Ings arrived a little after me, followed by Jan, Ice and Eco and John was the last. As usual, the meet was funfun and much insanity ensued. We tested out the new os to see if all the drivers were working.... We needed the internet to check and update some of the programs and at that time it was a little hard cause Mcdo's, usually fast wifi connection is failing due to the really bad weather outside and the number of people connecting to it.
It took a while before we could connect to the net. And when we did... we bothered the first person to respond to us in YM.... *claps* Thyalla!!! \^o^/

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Makati with Queenie and Revrev ^w^

I should be writing a script right now for sushi but writer's block's a huge stuffy log blocking my writing juices from freely flowing through. The story's pretty nice and even @raishiro thinks its a nice idea. But on how to express the idea in actual writing is kinda difficult. I try to type it but the idea escapes me and I end up staring at an empty white page with a blinking cursor that I sometimes imagine dancing to the tune of lambada. When I try to write it on paper, the ideas come in too fast to write. My pen couldn't keep up with the thoughts that I end up with a paper and lots of random doodles and words. *pulls hair* I need to finish this!

With that aside, I went to Makati yesterday to meet Rev and Queenie for a seminar. It was awesome and I had a great time. I met a lot of new people and talking about the topics really enticed me to discuss and share ideas. I really loved the environment and I learned a lot of things, especially about management and business. I'll prolly come back for the next 2-3 sessions and finish the whole 3 modules.
Nathan, Coach Aro, Cheppie (>_<>

Coach Aro, the facilitator who handled my session was awesome. He used to work for convergys and he also loves anime and games. I saw him doodling on his drawing paper while he waited for me to finish my tests and analysis. I asked him about stuff and we got along pretty well. ^_^ It's awesome to find people who has the same interests in these fields. He likes Mechas, Anime and gaming and he's a pretty good conversationalist so it didn't feel awkward talking to him at all. I hope the next facilitator is as awesome as he was.

I also made a new friend, Nathan. Her dad's a cook and coincidentally, we wore the same top XD (hers is just white and mine is pink). We noticed it when we went for a bathroom break and she went like "OMG we have the same buttons... wait...OMG we have the same top!" ... Normally people would hate that other people are wearing the same thing but it was so cool, I didn't feel offended. XD And Nathan is so full of happy funfun~! I hope I get to see her again. :)

Another coincidence was that I met Vince there too. I didn't expect to see him there but he was. It was wicked sweet as cause he didn't recognize me at first. LOL. He waited 'til I'm done with my module and I introduced him to Rev and Queenie who were waiting for me downstairs in coffee beans. XD After that, we said goodbye to Vince and the three of us, Rev, Queenie and me, rode a taxi to the MRT.

I'm so happy to finally meet Queenie. She's uber nice and pretty. ^w^ We talked lots about our boyfriends and we can't wait to go on a double date with supi. We both had interviews last night and it was nice that she wished me good luck with mine. X3 (I wished her luck as well and I hope she bags the job)

Revrev and Queenie ^w^ ♥♥

I'll be off tomorrow to meet patrick and Melissa for the offer they told me about. I hope I bag a good deal for it so I can secure myself for October and December. X3 Kyaaaa~ I need more passive incomes. XD

Supi and I watched "I love you Man" this morning. I got up a little earlier than usual cause I heard my YM pop a message. ^_^ Lo and behold, it's my hunhun, home from his interview. I ate breakfast and he ate dinner, while we both watched the movie at the same time. I really loved the movie so much. I had fun watching it and laughing along with @raishiro when something happens.

On other, totally unrelated and irrelevant matters, I'm growing my hair back. Having long hair is okay but come summer, the heat just gets to you and you get these crazy ideas of getting a haircut. It feels good to have short hair for a while and then you realize that you find it hard to deal with when you get bad hair days. Its also irritating when you ride the jeep and the wind blows it all to your face and you can't tie it cause it's too short. So yeah, I'm growing my hair back. And supi thinks long hair suits me better... Yey! Works for me. X3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twinkle post~ (WoW/Evo2k9/Cosfest/lovelove stuff)


Taking a short break from playing WOW til patch 3.2 comes out. Figured that Raishiro was right about me spending too much time on one game, so we decided to use up all our game credits first. XD That way, I won't feel like I'm wasting money and I won't be tempted to play. Rofl. Before I used up all my credits though, I was able to accomplish most of my goals. And then when I checked the armory this morning..."FUCK I FORGOT TO PUT ENCHANTS ON MY NEW PANTS!!!." I knew I was forgetting something. So yeah...

I became a little obsessed about getting better gear and achievements in the game to surpass that other hunter *cough*contiki*cough* in the guild who kept dissing me. Another things is, I'm making the most of what I'm paying for. WoW isn't cheap and to get my money's worth, I figured that I have to experience the whole game. PVP, PVE, RAIDING, GEARING UP, the whole shebang~. Also, it would feel awkward when I meet other people who play wow and when they talk about the end game content, like raiding and bosses etc, I'd be like "...." cause I don't know shit about it. In short, I want to experience the whole game content. So far, Wow's been the best MMORPG i've ever played and it's a shame to just play it never knowing the end game or raving about it when the hype's all dead and gone. But I guess it doesn't just apply to WOW but to all games as well. It's wasting money not being able to finish what you paid for.

Raishiro and I will try out another game soon ^_^ This will probably be my first experience with that kind of game so I'm pretty excited. :3 I'll be reading up about it tonight so he won't have to explain much to me. Just waiting for it to finish downloading. *prays for more seeders*


Raishiro got hom from Las Vegas last Sunday and I was happy to hear about what happened at EVO over the weekend. I got a little worried cause the live streaming kept going off air and the Soul Calibur matches couldn't make it on there. It's both frustrating and sad that I sat for 3 days infront of the PC watching the live stream to catch his matches and I couldn't see it because of the live stream downtime.

Anyway, I'm happy to hear from him that he won a couple of matches before he was eliminated just a little before the semi finals. We spent a few hours talking about it on skype and he sounded ecstatic, telling me about how each of his matches went. ^w^ Made me so happy to hear that he was satisfied with the result of his first tournament in the US. He showed me his t-shirt and ID freebies that he got and he told me he'll reserve the 3rd one for me if I get to visit by December :). My kokoro went doki doki~ (It would have been nice to be there to support him though )

XD I'll be pushing him to make that EVO blog report for the next few days before he forgets.:P


Would still prefer to not hear Daigo Umehara's name for the next few


Regarding my current romantic relationship, I can say that it's a little better now as compared to how it was a few months ago. We talked things over and I'm happy that we're working on it together. We both hope that it goes well from her and no issues would arise from what we've agreed on so far. I'm just happy that we're both learning from this.

Long distance relationships aren't to be taken lightly. I've been in a few but not as effective as my current when it comes to communication and understanding. I owe it to my partner for being so patient and understanding of my destructive nature. He's been able to help me control my ummm violent tendencies when it comes to jealousy and insecurity. ^_^;; We both promised each other certain changes to cope up with the lack of proximity. So yey us~

One thing that really touched me was, the other night, he stayed with me the whole time in a voice call despite me having my monthly menstrual cramps. He withstood all the whining and the crying and the babbling up until 4am PST. And we slept at the same time. Talking to him made me forget a bit of the pain, enough for me to sleep. From there, I realized, this is the person I love :). The person who would stick with me through thick and thin. At that moment, I can say, I was genuinely happy.

I also want to share about my friend's cosplay in Singapore recently. She went to compete in the SIngapore cosplay competition as Talim from Soul calibur 4. A whole team of experts worked on her costume (i.e Vicky, Mami ket, baachan Ate Tere and Vica chu~). She looks so pwetty <3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

EVO 2k Live stream (Street Fighter/ Soul Calibur)

I've been staying up late for the past few days to watch the live streaming coverage of EVO2k in Las Vegas. My BF joined the Soul Calibur Tournament and I want to keep updated of the results. I was kinda disappointed that on their first day, the live streaming was down due to Monitor and internet problems but they did manage to fix it to stay on longer. However, it did not prevent the problem from recurring for the next 2 days. There would be some 2-3 hours down time and another sad thing about it is that they never updated the pool results after each match in the website so I never got to find out what happened after the first round matches. I looked for other websites and I saw another with better live chat feed. Final 8 Results were out and the following people made it to the finals.
Soul Calibur IV

Winners Bracket
Thuggish Pond

Losers Bracket
Alpha Male
Another thing is that they never seem to show the other game pools on livestream aside from streetfighter 4 and street fighter 2 HD remix. You can imagine how sick I am of hearing Daigo Umehara's name by now. They never talk about anyone else but him. If I'd have a dime for everytime they'd say his name over the mic, I can probably buy everyone in my f-list their own i-pod by now. I know he's good.... probably even exceptional, but it's sickening to hear his name over and over again. All this hype over the Japanese team kicking people's asses in both Marvel and SF is okay and all but their broadcast is beginning to be oversaturated by it. It's like seeing Kris Aquino's face on ever bilboard in EDSA. Just ugh...Another thing is that one announcer, doesn't seem to be to interested in anything else but himself as a former/still a player of SF and the neckties his GF made him with silkscreened toons of SF. -__- (awwwww sweeet)
Street Fighter IV
Winners Bracket
Justin Wong
Daigo Umehara
Ed Ma
Eduardo Perez
Losers Bracket
Ricky Ortiz
Takashi Hukushi
Sanford Kelly
Shady K
Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

Winners Bracket
John Choi
Afro Legends
David Sirlin

Losers Bracket
Graham Wolfe
Alex Valle
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Winners bracket
Justin Wong
Bill W
Sanford Kelly
Mad Boo Face

Losers Bracket
Smooth Viper
Jay Son
One SFIV first day, guy who goes by " The Filipino Champion" (or Ryan XD) was on fire. He climbed to the top of the pools with his Dhalsim but from what I heard, he was taken down along the matches. I was hoping he'd also get in the final 8 but yeah, I don't think he did. :<
Don't ask me who their characters are cause I'm also searching for answers from people who were there. -_-
*throws in a random shot of kayane for more views* >_>
photos taken from: Kara / 8wayrun XD