Thursday, July 30, 2009

Makati with Queenie and Revrev ^w^

I should be writing a script right now for sushi but writer's block's a huge stuffy log blocking my writing juices from freely flowing through. The story's pretty nice and even @raishiro thinks its a nice idea. But on how to express the idea in actual writing is kinda difficult. I try to type it but the idea escapes me and I end up staring at an empty white page with a blinking cursor that I sometimes imagine dancing to the tune of lambada. When I try to write it on paper, the ideas come in too fast to write. My pen couldn't keep up with the thoughts that I end up with a paper and lots of random doodles and words. *pulls hair* I need to finish this!

With that aside, I went to Makati yesterday to meet Rev and Queenie for a seminar. It was awesome and I had a great time. I met a lot of new people and talking about the topics really enticed me to discuss and share ideas. I really loved the environment and I learned a lot of things, especially about management and business. I'll prolly come back for the next 2-3 sessions and finish the whole 3 modules.
Nathan, Coach Aro, Cheppie (>_<>

Coach Aro, the facilitator who handled my session was awesome. He used to work for convergys and he also loves anime and games. I saw him doodling on his drawing paper while he waited for me to finish my tests and analysis. I asked him about stuff and we got along pretty well. ^_^ It's awesome to find people who has the same interests in these fields. He likes Mechas, Anime and gaming and he's a pretty good conversationalist so it didn't feel awkward talking to him at all. I hope the next facilitator is as awesome as he was.

I also made a new friend, Nathan. Her dad's a cook and coincidentally, we wore the same top XD (hers is just white and mine is pink). We noticed it when we went for a bathroom break and she went like "OMG we have the same buttons... wait...OMG we have the same top!" ... Normally people would hate that other people are wearing the same thing but it was so cool, I didn't feel offended. XD And Nathan is so full of happy funfun~! I hope I get to see her again. :)

Another coincidence was that I met Vince there too. I didn't expect to see him there but he was. It was wicked sweet as cause he didn't recognize me at first. LOL. He waited 'til I'm done with my module and I introduced him to Rev and Queenie who were waiting for me downstairs in coffee beans. XD After that, we said goodbye to Vince and the three of us, Rev, Queenie and me, rode a taxi to the MRT.

I'm so happy to finally meet Queenie. She's uber nice and pretty. ^w^ We talked lots about our boyfriends and we can't wait to go on a double date with supi. We both had interviews last night and it was nice that she wished me good luck with mine. X3 (I wished her luck as well and I hope she bags the job)

Revrev and Queenie ^w^ ♥♥

I'll be off tomorrow to meet patrick and Melissa for the offer they told me about. I hope I bag a good deal for it so I can secure myself for October and December. X3 Kyaaaa~ I need more passive incomes. XD

Supi and I watched "I love you Man" this morning. I got up a little earlier than usual cause I heard my YM pop a message. ^_^ Lo and behold, it's my hunhun, home from his interview. I ate breakfast and he ate dinner, while we both watched the movie at the same time. I really loved the movie so much. I had fun watching it and laughing along with @raishiro when something happens.

On other, totally unrelated and irrelevant matters, I'm growing my hair back. Having long hair is okay but come summer, the heat just gets to you and you get these crazy ideas of getting a haircut. It feels good to have short hair for a while and then you realize that you find it hard to deal with when you get bad hair days. Its also irritating when you ride the jeep and the wind blows it all to your face and you can't tie it cause it's too short. So yeah, I'm growing my hair back. And supi thinks long hair suits me better... Yey! Works for me. X3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twinkle post~ (WoW/Evo2k9/Cosfest/lovelove stuff)


Taking a short break from playing WOW til patch 3.2 comes out. Figured that Raishiro was right about me spending too much time on one game, so we decided to use up all our game credits first. XD That way, I won't feel like I'm wasting money and I won't be tempted to play. Rofl. Before I used up all my credits though, I was able to accomplish most of my goals. And then when I checked the armory this morning..."FUCK I FORGOT TO PUT ENCHANTS ON MY NEW PANTS!!!." I knew I was forgetting something. So yeah...

I became a little obsessed about getting better gear and achievements in the game to surpass that other hunter *cough*contiki*cough* in the guild who kept dissing me. Another things is, I'm making the most of what I'm paying for. WoW isn't cheap and to get my money's worth, I figured that I have to experience the whole game. PVP, PVE, RAIDING, GEARING UP, the whole shebang~. Also, it would feel awkward when I meet other people who play wow and when they talk about the end game content, like raiding and bosses etc, I'd be like "...." cause I don't know shit about it. In short, I want to experience the whole game content. So far, Wow's been the best MMORPG i've ever played and it's a shame to just play it never knowing the end game or raving about it when the hype's all dead and gone. But I guess it doesn't just apply to WOW but to all games as well. It's wasting money not being able to finish what you paid for.

Raishiro and I will try out another game soon ^_^ This will probably be my first experience with that kind of game so I'm pretty excited. :3 I'll be reading up about it tonight so he won't have to explain much to me. Just waiting for it to finish downloading. *prays for more seeders*


Raishiro got hom from Las Vegas last Sunday and I was happy to hear about what happened at EVO over the weekend. I got a little worried cause the live streaming kept going off air and the Soul Calibur matches couldn't make it on there. It's both frustrating and sad that I sat for 3 days infront of the PC watching the live stream to catch his matches and I couldn't see it because of the live stream downtime.

Anyway, I'm happy to hear from him that he won a couple of matches before he was eliminated just a little before the semi finals. We spent a few hours talking about it on skype and he sounded ecstatic, telling me about how each of his matches went. ^w^ Made me so happy to hear that he was satisfied with the result of his first tournament in the US. He showed me his t-shirt and ID freebies that he got and he told me he'll reserve the 3rd one for me if I get to visit by December :). My kokoro went doki doki~ (It would have been nice to be there to support him though )

XD I'll be pushing him to make that EVO blog report for the next few days before he forgets.:P


Would still prefer to not hear Daigo Umehara's name for the next few


Regarding my current romantic relationship, I can say that it's a little better now as compared to how it was a few months ago. We talked things over and I'm happy that we're working on it together. We both hope that it goes well from her and no issues would arise from what we've agreed on so far. I'm just happy that we're both learning from this.

Long distance relationships aren't to be taken lightly. I've been in a few but not as effective as my current when it comes to communication and understanding. I owe it to my partner for being so patient and understanding of my destructive nature. He's been able to help me control my ummm violent tendencies when it comes to jealousy and insecurity. ^_^;; We both promised each other certain changes to cope up with the lack of proximity. So yey us~

One thing that really touched me was, the other night, he stayed with me the whole time in a voice call despite me having my monthly menstrual cramps. He withstood all the whining and the crying and the babbling up until 4am PST. And we slept at the same time. Talking to him made me forget a bit of the pain, enough for me to sleep. From there, I realized, this is the person I love :). The person who would stick with me through thick and thin. At that moment, I can say, I was genuinely happy.

I also want to share about my friend's cosplay in Singapore recently. She went to compete in the SIngapore cosplay competition as Talim from Soul calibur 4. A whole team of experts worked on her costume (i.e Vicky, Mami ket, baachan Ate Tere and Vica chu~). She looks so pwetty <3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

EVO 2k Live stream (Street Fighter/ Soul Calibur)

I've been staying up late for the past few days to watch the live streaming coverage of EVO2k in Las Vegas. My BF joined the Soul Calibur Tournament and I want to keep updated of the results. I was kinda disappointed that on their first day, the live streaming was down due to Monitor and internet problems but they did manage to fix it to stay on longer. However, it did not prevent the problem from recurring for the next 2 days. There would be some 2-3 hours down time and another sad thing about it is that they never updated the pool results after each match in the website so I never got to find out what happened after the first round matches. I looked for other websites and I saw another with better live chat feed. Final 8 Results were out and the following people made it to the finals.
Soul Calibur IV

Winners Bracket
Thuggish Pond

Losers Bracket
Alpha Male
Another thing is that they never seem to show the other game pools on livestream aside from streetfighter 4 and street fighter 2 HD remix. You can imagine how sick I am of hearing Daigo Umehara's name by now. They never talk about anyone else but him. If I'd have a dime for everytime they'd say his name over the mic, I can probably buy everyone in my f-list their own i-pod by now. I know he's good.... probably even exceptional, but it's sickening to hear his name over and over again. All this hype over the Japanese team kicking people's asses in both Marvel and SF is okay and all but their broadcast is beginning to be oversaturated by it. It's like seeing Kris Aquino's face on ever bilboard in EDSA. Just ugh...Another thing is that one announcer, doesn't seem to be to interested in anything else but himself as a former/still a player of SF and the neckties his GF made him with silkscreened toons of SF. -__- (awwwww sweeet)
Street Fighter IV
Winners Bracket
Justin Wong
Daigo Umehara
Ed Ma
Eduardo Perez
Losers Bracket
Ricky Ortiz
Takashi Hukushi
Sanford Kelly
Shady K
Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

Winners Bracket
John Choi
Afro Legends
David Sirlin

Losers Bracket
Graham Wolfe
Alex Valle
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Winners bracket
Justin Wong
Bill W
Sanford Kelly
Mad Boo Face

Losers Bracket
Smooth Viper
Jay Son
One SFIV first day, guy who goes by " The Filipino Champion" (or Ryan XD) was on fire. He climbed to the top of the pools with his Dhalsim but from what I heard, he was taken down along the matches. I was hoping he'd also get in the final 8 but yeah, I don't think he did. :<
Don't ask me who their characters are cause I'm also searching for answers from people who were there. -_-
*throws in a random shot of kayane for more views* >_>
photos taken from: Kara / 8wayrun XD



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Webcam funfun x WoW

Ahhh It's raining hard outside. It's been going on since yesterday and it's become quite cold. Brrr One of those times that's best spent with your special someone warm and cozy, snuggled up on the couch, eating chips and watching movies. How I wish I could spend it that way XD. Knowing the kind of "sap" (quoting him XP) that I am, I'd find a way to spend it with him as much as possible anyways. Hahahahahaha... no I mean, srsly I would.



If I can't have him over, then the next best thing was bring the rabu rabu to him. So I waited for him to wake up, greeted him good morning and spent all morning virtually cuddling (whatever that means XD) and making goggly eyes at him on my webcam. LOL

The night before, we spent 2 hours talking and laughing on voice call. Just making it a little fun before he leaves for EVO today. He's competing in a Soul Calibur 4 Tourney in Las Vegas and I want him to leave in good spirits. Though a little conflicted on which character he'd use for the tourney, I ensured him that whichever he chooses, I'd be here to support him all the way. (But actually, when he asked me which he should use, I was a little biased :P I tried to persuade him a bit to use Yoshimitsu. But then again, out of 150+ competitors, there's bound to be tons of other yoshimitsu users out there too XD So I ended up leaving the decision to him again rofl. Yahoo GF support!). I hope he sees swoozie or Jamal there \^o^/.

Gambatte hunhun! *cheers* OSU~!!!!!



Anyways, we both agreed to transfer to Bonechewer server when we come back. He says he miss PVP servers and I feel like trying out something new. I still don't know how to do arena and I think I owe it to myself to try to maximize the game experience :) We both felt that our current PvE aussie server is a little too stagnant anyways so we both think its best to move to a better server with better raid hours. My Singaporean and Maldivian friends are nice but when they talk on vent, not a sentence mentioned would lack "lah" and it gets irritating at some point. I don't mind them speaking their native language but it makes it hard to distinguish when they're speaking their language and when they're speaking in english. ;_;

so anyways, here are my goals in WoW:

1. Get to level 80
2. Gear up for raiding
3. Get Epic flying skill (^o^) Thanks to my hunhun for donating 5k XD
4. Get a mechano hog (technically I helped Raishiro get his. I cbf to get my own for 14k XD)
5. Get a Netherwing drake
6. Get the red proto drake
7. Get the green proto drake
8. Get Time lost proto drake (>_> more like time wasting proto drake tbh)
9. Get 50 Mounts (albino drake!!!!)
10. Get violet proto drake next year
11. Finish EoE within 6 Mins
12. Get champion of the frozen wastes title
13. Heroic fall of Naxxramas -
Saph and KT left In progress
14. Heroic champion of Ulduar
15. Do all of the above in a PVP server -
In progress
16. Level an alliance toon to 80 and do all of the above
17. Get geared for Arena
18. Arena team with Raishiro/kulotz (Kulotz is optional lol)

Lol we went on a short date in-game before he left :P