Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Since I haven't posted anything in a while

Hold your breath...
This is long...

My 's Bday Bash
~The Soul Survivor Parteh~

I was supposed to blog last Sunday but I ended up sleeping the whole day cause Saturday was my 彼氏's bday bash in Las pinas. I went there fight after work, playing a bit of Badminton(I still suck!) in Shaw to pass the hour, making it safe for me to travel. Met up with Haywee in 7-11 Edsa central and Rode to Las Pinas. Haywee and I like to talk about weird stuff XD And I creep him out when I say wrong things...Always.

We arrived at my 彼氏's house at around uhhhhh 6:30am. XD Couldn't break his record of 30 missed calls for a wake up call though. Aling Lita (his yaya... XD) was nice enough to fix up a bed so I can take a short nap before we head off to buy food stuff for the parteh~.

@_@ Nap.... After uhhh my nap nappy time, we went to SM South Mall to buy the food stuff...XD It was a bit late when Hayri and I got started on the pasta... yummy yummy :3

Soon people started arriving... XD and there was YELLOW CAB!

and ...

and ...

... CAKE! (I got to take it home cause guys are too tough to eat cake :P)

The 2 Mark Poa's (Really confusing XD) brought a wii and everybody played stupid warioware games! Hahaha.... XD Warioware is stupid fun indeed! Good thing no one took a picture of that...That would be one of the stupidest moments in my life. But fun! ~ :3

Its already late when the girls came ... XD Before they came, I'm just a guy who just happens to like wearing a skirt...

Its was fun and Since he met and mingled with most of my friends already, I thought that it was only fair that I met his. And its a great privilege for me to meet his friends... ^_^ Listening to them talk about him in his younger years makes me feel like I was there. Really fun people to be with ^_^.

Work Related cwappage

I don't like my new account. Its so complex and boring... I want to switch programs or companies... Because of my schedule, and the stress, i rarely have time for my friends...My nightlife revolves around work and more shit from our trainer, who seems to assume that we're geniuses with IQ of 370 =_=.

My workmates scheduled a Batangas swimming trip using our van on the last weekend of February. @_@ I honestly am having second thoughts...But I already gave my word...>_< Pressure!

I'm starting to look for another company if this does not work out.

T_T I miss hanging out with my friends....I miss you guys...

Something a little bit emo

Pretty much half of the world know that I whine and cry like a sissy over my ex-es. Its not a hidden fact the most recent breakup I had left me scarred and pretty bitter. I lost faith in long term relationships. After that, I never really took much time to consider having another long term relationship with anyone. I thought that a relationship will only be for as long as it goes. However, things happen...

After helping out at my 彼氏's birthday bash in Las Pinas, my kareshi took me home. We were driving through Roxas Blvd., By the sea, we were talking about his long-time yaya househelp, who sent me home at that hour, and the fun things we had at the party when I, out of the blue, said "I wanna grow old with you...".

I thought, I'll be turning a year older this year as well, I won't have an excuse to be angsty and childish anymore...Its time that I consider a stable relationship, something that I would work hard to keep for a very long time.

I know I will be once again be putting myself at risk of ending up the same by doing this, but knowing what kind of person my special someone is, I have enough confidence to say that I believe in him. Of course certainty is still up to what would happen in the future, but making decisions that would benefit the relationships would now be of top priority.

Meeting his friends, hearing from them how they gladly accept him for what he is ^_^ Is something I am really happy about. Its nice to hear things about him from his friends. It makes me feel like I've known him for a VERY long time.

Wish me luck... I'm diving in. :)


Cuz facebook superwall is addictive. XD
These are the products of my sabaw moments

And these are my random doodles on my notes...



初音ミク (;_; I fail at art...)

I borrowed my 彼氏's Nintendo Ds for a few days and I found myself addicted to an rpg called drawn to life. And I revived my Mysim character, Cheppie... She's freakin' rich now... But nothing to spend on. And I love fishing Haha...Warioware... WIN!

My current Lss is Thalia's Marimar and Ken Hirai's Popstar... Don't ask me why...>_< Or a weird half naked afro man would appear in my head and dance by the shore...

oh... oh! And they released the pics of Sc's yunseong and seong mina... But still no signs of talim yet :( *sad*

Saturday, January 19, 2008



Yesterday, was fun. XD After work, My colleagues and I went to celebrate the last day of Foundation Training for our new account. We ordered food from a grill place near work and drank a bit (Half a bottle XD I don't want to drink before going home but for the sake of the toast, I split one bottle with another) before going home. I got home around 8...9:30 or 10... I dunno, I was really tired to notice. XD

My kareshi and I agreed that i should rest first before we meet in gateway at 12:30. Knowing me, I oversleep when I decide to take a "nap" before a meeting. So, I told him, if by 11am he doesn't receive a text from me, he should drop me a call or make my phone ring at least to check if I'm on the move already. After that, everything was black. And Zzzz s we're floating in my room.

Its already 1pm. My mom knocked on my door, like she usually does to wake me up for my shift. She called out "Gising! May bisita ka!!! *knocks violently on my poor little door*"

uhhhh.... huh?


it's already 1:30pm!!!!! *checks phone* .... 30 missed calls. OMFG. The last message on my phone is my bf telling me that he's heading over to my house to pick me up. >_Manoj: Elite Telemarketer XD , while I went and prepared for the date.

"Manoj: Some people have the X factor... He is India's Madonna" ... XD

After that really embarrassing moment, my kareshi and I decided to go to Trinoma to watch movies. We were originally planning to watch 2 movies but since he had to pick me up cause I overslept, we didn't have ample time so we ended up watching one movie instead. Before heading on to the cinemas, we went to eat Dinner and had some funfunfun with our food. XD

Cheppie muffin: Chuuuuu~
Wevin muffin: EHHH??!


we saw Sweeney Todd...And all I can say is... BLOOOOD BLOOOD BLOOOOOOD!!!!! T_T Critic-wise, the movie is awesome. The whole setting was great, the music was nicely put, the cast was also great, the story though left me hanging.BUT!!! Personally, I found the movie too bloody. I would close my eyes whenever Todd would kill a customer. T_T And I find Todd creepy when he talks to his blades. Really really creepy.

And since I got my batteries back from my uncle who kidnapped them, I am able to take piccies of stuff nao. YAY!

Gifts from My special someone ~

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV

1up released info and a video trailer from Namco-bandai regarding the new secret characters that will be released in the upcoming Soul calibur IV. And surprise surprise! Its George lucas' very own Darth Vader and Yoda...

I grabbed some pics from 1up cause the news was too uhhhh to be true. XD

Darth Vader

Yoda (Pregnancy? Pregnancy?o_o)


"According to Namco Bandai's press materials for the game, Vader will be in the PS3 version and Yoda will be in the Xbox 360 version. You know, because PlayStation is black and Xbox is green." - 1up

John... This is a sign... We relly need to find that freakishly subtitled version of Starwars. Thanks God for China for making the world a more amusing place to live in. XD