Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend + Monday

Hmmm I have a current medical condition. Something's wrong with my right arm it seems. I went to the doctor yesterday with my mom to schedule an appointment and also, for my mom can chat her up about their highschool days. I just found it cool that our doctor had a magic 8 Ball in her clinic. It managed to cheer me up after the bad news I heard. It takes the stress off the stuff I cried about after I got the folder of bad news. *dun dun dun ♪ *

After that, mom took me to the grocery to check out some stuff we'll be buying for the party next week. She bought some small spices and I bought some skincare stuff... Vanity isn't really my thing but I feel that lately my age is catching up with how I look and the huge dark circles highlighting the depth of my eye sockets isn't making me look any younger. I'm planning to buy that roll-on thing I saw but I'll wait a bit for reviews before I decide.

On our way out, I took mom to Daiso and I got myself this sweet little baby.

I actually like that its a lot smaller than my actual charger and I can connect it to my laptop through USB... I'm just praying that Nokia has the same thing for my cellphone and I'm all set. XD

Hayri also celebrated his birthday last Saturday and I was invited. I met lots of new people and I enjoyed the whole experience. I drank a bit but I spent most of my time either on the PC talking to my bf, trying to make the Magic Jack to work... or talking and telling jokes. Hayri had some awesome bunch of friends from all walks of life... It was a fun experience. Although I can't help but wish that supi was there with me. Come morning, Katz and I were the last one standing... The rest went home, Hayri succumbed to the call of sleep and Jake snuggled with Elmer on the mat in the living room.

While everyone was asleep, I ate pandesal and chatted with Hayri's mom and we both laughed and joked about stuff til she had to leave for the market. I spent the rest of Sunday morning watching the blizzcon closing performance live from Anaheim California. L80ETC performed in honor of the Horde... and OZZY performed the closing song. I wish I could attend that someday. It would prolly be one of the best experiences I could ever have in my life. ♥ I could prolly live my fantasy to cosplay a blizzard related toon too if I'd be lucky.

I left Hayri's pretty late since it the heat outside was unbearable that my nose bled. They got worried so they gave me ice cream to eat before Jake and I set off for Megamall. I met Seme, John and Vicky outside the convention and we went to red mango to eat Yogurt. I also saw Ariks who hung out with me for a while and we talked about more blizzard stuff.... DOTA STARCRAFT WOW DOTA STARCRAFT DIABLO DOTA STARCRAFT WOW DIABLO over and over again. I enjoyed every moment of it. I also saw Dave and Pepper and it made me haffy :3

We left the area after eating dinner at bubble tea. It was prolly around 9pm or so and I got home at around 10pm -ish.... And there I discovered my medical condition. :< *repeat from the top*

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