Monday, August 10, 2009

Windows 7 and Mcdo With friends

I recently upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows 7, with much help from Seme and Marlo. I met up with them a week or so ago for the upgrade. Before that though, Raishiro and I discussed the problems that I might encounter if I change my OS to W7. It included drivers, program/game incompatability and the likes... So I was a bit worried.
I met with with Seme at Mcdonalds, missing Ate Gayle by a few minutes after she left :(. Seme introduced me to Marlo and he got down to working on my lappytop. ^_^ Marlo did awesome and took real good care of my laptop. He installed lots of cool stuff on it too!
After installation.... Tadah!!~ Here's my new Desktop. Lookie the pretty shinyness~ And it runs faster too. Thank you Seme and Marlo \^o^/
I forgot to back up my Plants Vs. Zombies save file (T_T I will have to start over) and my winamp skins so I had to download some of them again XD.
While waiting for everyone, Seme also gave me the stuff they bought for me from Singapore <3>
After a while, the rest of the peeps arrived. Ings arrived a little after me, followed by Jan, Ice and Eco and John was the last. As usual, the meet was funfun and much insanity ensued. We tested out the new os to see if all the drivers were working.... We needed the internet to check and update some of the programs and at that time it was a little hard cause Mcdo's, usually fast wifi connection is failing due to the really bad weather outside and the number of people connecting to it.
It took a while before we could connect to the net. And when we did... we bothered the first person to respond to us in YM.... *claps* Thyalla!!! \^o^/

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