Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eventful weekend

I'm finally home from an eventful weekend. I went to eastwood early last Saturday to meet up with Patrick and the others for a short meet. We originally planned a small pool meet to unwind before a short sparring match but I passed and just met up in Mcdo. Too bad Tiff couldn't make it XD but it was a fun fun meet nevertheless. We talked about games and the results of the last MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament and Nathan's weird obsessions XD.

I had lunch with Ranulf and Jill, where we talked about well,... more games! XD Specifically WoW. I can't wait to go back to get the brewfest achievement. @____@ I want my violet protodrake by next year. *hugs pillow*

After lunch, Ranulf and I went to UP for the Mini cosplay summit in UP ITTC. I met up with Seme, John and the other cosplayers in Bahay ng Alumni . We went in 3 batches and arrived in ITTC a little late. >_<>_<>

The event left me starving so we decided to grab a bite. We couldn't decide on a place so Louie and Bart offered that we just buy food and eat it at their house. We rolled in Louie's Yaris, all 7 of us. We thought it would be cramped but we still had room in the middle where we imagined pepper would/should be. On the way to their place, we grabbed a fish I named Misty and a whole chicken that I named Wanton for dinner. ^_^

We arrived at Louie's place and went upstairs to drop our stuff. I entered the room and there was this 32" Monitor for the sole purpose of playing World of warcraft on wide screen....with 2.5mbps internet. We were running 3 laptops 1 desktop and the the pc conncted to the wide ass screen monitor... and 2 more PCs are running outside his bedroom at that time. He was playing wow without LAG!!!!! LOUIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR HOUSE OFFICIALLY ROXXORS11111111!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *flails in happiness*

After browsing through some pictures, we went down to eat dinner. XD We found out that Vince was a vegetarian.... after Seme and John ate his french fries XD. Sowie Vince >_<;;; And we laughed talking about about love life and relationships ^_~ *wink*

We went back upstairs after dinner and I played with Simon, Bart and Louie's Baby kitty. >_<>

John: "Simon thinks you're his mate"
Me: EH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O No Simon... I has mate already. Supi is my mate.
Simon: Rawr
Me: O_O;;;; *gulp*

Seme and Vince went home and I decided to sleep over with John and Dave. Sweet sweet internet ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I slept at 6am playing *cough*WLO*cough* while dave played dragonica. XD


Come Morning, I had a voice call with supi and we both agreed to play with louie and bart in their guild when we get back for brewfest \o/. Can't wait ^o^

>_o I forgot to give the copy of the fanboys movie in my bag.

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