Thursday, November 19, 2009

WOW: How far are we?


Speaking of WoW , 2 mos of load is gone but before it happened, I was able to accomplish most of the stuff in My to do list after sucky patch, 3.2.

To Get Albino Drake
To Get exalted with all Horde Factions
To Get 100 cooking awards
To Get a dragonHawk Mount
To Get a Hippogriff Mount
To Get Exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard
To Get Exalted with Cenarion Circle
To Get Brewfest TItle
To Get Brewfest Mount
To Get Hallowed Title
To get Headless Horseman Mount
To Get T9 Gear ( Actually I was aiming for T8 or T8.5 but both looks like shit when worn with my belf baby)
To Clear ToCr 10
To Clear ToCr 25
To Clear ToGCr 10
To Clear ToGCr 25

Pandaren Pet

This is what i'd prolly be doing over and over again if i'm next to raishiro when I received his surprise present in my email. ZOMG he bought me a pandaren pet! The one I was freakin out about in this post XD. I'm a huge fan of Pandas and WoW having a pandaren in it's lore is one of the reasons why I love it. Preferably though, I want a real playable pandaren race... It would probably be the only reason why I would whole-heartedly play an alliance toon. The panda pet responds to /bow and /drink and does kung fu moves when you're idle. It yawns too! XD So cute. It reminds me of myself and supi in a lazy weekend afternoon. We be pandas!


As part of my goal for the albino drake, I took a quest to grow my own mount. I dragged raishiro to the quest area and we did the quest. It should have taken 20 days to grow our baby dinos into mounts but since we're both too lazy to go the the quest area everyday, it took longer than it should have lol. XD But in the end, we both got our swift sweet reward. *tears* And we grew them together too... We fed them together... we found toys for it together... *sniff* They grow up so fast

Supi and me with our full grown Dino Mounts

My Headless Horseman Mount

Collecting aerial mounts

Speaking of mounts, I noticed the lack of balance in my land to air mount ratio when I came back to WoW. I had more land mounts than aerial mounts. I figured its time for me to grind for aerial mounts. That's probably why I bought every single Netherwing drake, I got the albino drake and the green protodrake too. I'm still scouting for a good group to complete the Glory of the Hero achievement to get the red protodrake. I also have Tempest keep on farm with a good group in hopes of the phoenix mount dropping (But I'm not really that enthusiastic about it... really -_-).

My New Albino drake :D

DragonHawk mount :D

15man Tempest Keep on Farm

Bank Progress

Raishiro and I moved to Bonechewer almost 2 mos ago. The server is a real upgrade from our old one, Khazgoroth. It was a bit of a challenge to adapt to a Pvp server from where I started, PvE. But the experience wasn't half bad. The new guild is made up mainly of Filipinos like me so it felt a little better to speak my mother tongue on guild chat and on vent XD. Gone were the days of language and accent barriers from foreign Guild masters/Raid leaders/etc. With the occassional Lebanese guildies asking everyone to speak in english, I'm pretty comfortable with the guild setup.

The sad part there was, I had to abandon my 3 bank alts in Khaz'goroth. I had one for cloths and leather and mats, one for ores, bars and other mining stuff, and the last is for the BOE items that I pick up along the way. I took what I could but I had to leave most of the stuff I saved. I don't regret moving but it was sad to leave my bank babies behind XD. Starting new in Bonechewer wasn't that easy. I'm remaking my bank alts one by one and so far, this is what I've got. It's not much but it's a small step to get back my whole fortune XD.

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