Thursday, August 20, 2009

To play and To watch

o_o My drive D:\ has only 3.21BG left of free space, Thanks to Marlo and ushuaia's stuff XD I'm not complaining but I have a lot of stuff to finish before I can burn them all and free some space.
Stuff to watch:
Getsumin To Heiki Miina
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
True Blood S1-S2
Sengoku Basara
Ice Age 3
Detective Conan OVA 1 and 2
Lucas in Love

I just finished "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." And I absolutely loved it. It had 3 actors that I like... Mila Kunis, Jason Segel and Kristen Bell. ♥♥♥♥ It was just as Supi and Marlo said it would be and more~

I also have a list of stuff to play for the next few monthsl. I have a decade full of games to play to catch up to it seems. Right now, i'm currently playing Diablo 2 with raishiro and Wonderland online with my TS barkada ^w^. I enjoy playing both games especially diablo 2. It reminds me of a fairly similar game I played way back called DarkStone. I'm not sure if people still remember it but I think it was pretty okay.
I'll also download Hello Kitty online later to check out the game. But recent conversations with kikz and co leads me to consider playing Audition again. Watching thugbeat's videos in korea makes me feel a bit envious :<. I'll check later if Audition has any issues with Windows 7 before I decide.
One thing's for sure though, Supi and I are going back to play WoW before Brewfest ^_^. We'll be playing as Tank and heals this time ^_^ and I'm pretty excited. This'll be my first time healing so I expect to suck at first but this is my chance to heal supi <3>_<

Games I wanna play:
Hello Kitty Online
World of Warcraft

Last Remnant
Baldur's Gate
@__@ So many games... So little time. I'm giving myself til a month before my birthday to play and/or finish them all. Good luck to me X3.

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