Sunday, July 19, 2009

EVO 2k Live stream (Street Fighter/ Soul Calibur)

I've been staying up late for the past few days to watch the live streaming coverage of EVO2k in Las Vegas. My BF joined the Soul Calibur Tournament and I want to keep updated of the results. I was kinda disappointed that on their first day, the live streaming was down due to Monitor and internet problems but they did manage to fix it to stay on longer. However, it did not prevent the problem from recurring for the next 2 days. There would be some 2-3 hours down time and another sad thing about it is that they never updated the pool results after each match in the website so I never got to find out what happened after the first round matches. I looked for other websites and I saw another with better live chat feed. Final 8 Results were out and the following people made it to the finals.
Soul Calibur IV

Winners Bracket
Thuggish Pond

Losers Bracket
Alpha Male
Another thing is that they never seem to show the other game pools on livestream aside from streetfighter 4 and street fighter 2 HD remix. You can imagine how sick I am of hearing Daigo Umehara's name by now. They never talk about anyone else but him. If I'd have a dime for everytime they'd say his name over the mic, I can probably buy everyone in my f-list their own i-pod by now. I know he's good.... probably even exceptional, but it's sickening to hear his name over and over again. All this hype over the Japanese team kicking people's asses in both Marvel and SF is okay and all but their broadcast is beginning to be oversaturated by it. It's like seeing Kris Aquino's face on ever bilboard in EDSA. Just ugh...Another thing is that one announcer, doesn't seem to be to interested in anything else but himself as a former/still a player of SF and the neckties his GF made him with silkscreened toons of SF. -__- (awwwww sweeet)
Street Fighter IV
Winners Bracket
Justin Wong
Daigo Umehara
Ed Ma
Eduardo Perez
Losers Bracket
Ricky Ortiz
Takashi Hukushi
Sanford Kelly
Shady K
Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

Winners Bracket
John Choi
Afro Legends
David Sirlin

Losers Bracket
Graham Wolfe
Alex Valle
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Winners bracket
Justin Wong
Bill W
Sanford Kelly
Mad Boo Face

Losers Bracket
Smooth Viper
Jay Son
One SFIV first day, guy who goes by " The Filipino Champion" (or Ryan XD) was on fire. He climbed to the top of the pools with his Dhalsim but from what I heard, he was taken down along the matches. I was hoping he'd also get in the final 8 but yeah, I don't think he did. :<
Don't ask me who their characters are cause I'm also searching for answers from people who were there. -_-
*throws in a random shot of kayane for more views* >_>
photos taken from: Kara / 8wayrun XD



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