Thursday, July 30, 2009

Makati with Queenie and Revrev ^w^

I should be writing a script right now for sushi but writer's block's a huge stuffy log blocking my writing juices from freely flowing through. The story's pretty nice and even @raishiro thinks its a nice idea. But on how to express the idea in actual writing is kinda difficult. I try to type it but the idea escapes me and I end up staring at an empty white page with a blinking cursor that I sometimes imagine dancing to the tune of lambada. When I try to write it on paper, the ideas come in too fast to write. My pen couldn't keep up with the thoughts that I end up with a paper and lots of random doodles and words. *pulls hair* I need to finish this!

With that aside, I went to Makati yesterday to meet Rev and Queenie for a seminar. It was awesome and I had a great time. I met a lot of new people and talking about the topics really enticed me to discuss and share ideas. I really loved the environment and I learned a lot of things, especially about management and business. I'll prolly come back for the next 2-3 sessions and finish the whole 3 modules.
Nathan, Coach Aro, Cheppie (>_<>

Coach Aro, the facilitator who handled my session was awesome. He used to work for convergys and he also loves anime and games. I saw him doodling on his drawing paper while he waited for me to finish my tests and analysis. I asked him about stuff and we got along pretty well. ^_^ It's awesome to find people who has the same interests in these fields. He likes Mechas, Anime and gaming and he's a pretty good conversationalist so it didn't feel awkward talking to him at all. I hope the next facilitator is as awesome as he was.

I also made a new friend, Nathan. Her dad's a cook and coincidentally, we wore the same top XD (hers is just white and mine is pink). We noticed it when we went for a bathroom break and she went like "OMG we have the same buttons... wait...OMG we have the same top!" ... Normally people would hate that other people are wearing the same thing but it was so cool, I didn't feel offended. XD And Nathan is so full of happy funfun~! I hope I get to see her again. :)

Another coincidence was that I met Vince there too. I didn't expect to see him there but he was. It was wicked sweet as cause he didn't recognize me at first. LOL. He waited 'til I'm done with my module and I introduced him to Rev and Queenie who were waiting for me downstairs in coffee beans. XD After that, we said goodbye to Vince and the three of us, Rev, Queenie and me, rode a taxi to the MRT.

I'm so happy to finally meet Queenie. She's uber nice and pretty. ^w^ We talked lots about our boyfriends and we can't wait to go on a double date with supi. We both had interviews last night and it was nice that she wished me good luck with mine. X3 (I wished her luck as well and I hope she bags the job)

Revrev and Queenie ^w^ ♥♥

I'll be off tomorrow to meet patrick and Melissa for the offer they told me about. I hope I bag a good deal for it so I can secure myself for October and December. X3 Kyaaaa~ I need more passive incomes. XD

Supi and I watched "I love you Man" this morning. I got up a little earlier than usual cause I heard my YM pop a message. ^_^ Lo and behold, it's my hunhun, home from his interview. I ate breakfast and he ate dinner, while we both watched the movie at the same time. I really loved the movie so much. I had fun watching it and laughing along with @raishiro when something happens.

On other, totally unrelated and irrelevant matters, I'm growing my hair back. Having long hair is okay but come summer, the heat just gets to you and you get these crazy ideas of getting a haircut. It feels good to have short hair for a while and then you realize that you find it hard to deal with when you get bad hair days. Its also irritating when you ride the jeep and the wind blows it all to your face and you can't tie it cause it's too short. So yeah, I'm growing my hair back. And supi thinks long hair suits me better... Yey! Works for me. X3

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