Saturday, December 01, 2007

Enchanted Love

Okay I know its a bit late. I haven't gotten around to feelin' the sam old lovey dovey sappy feeling. After our little costrip in UP AME last Saturday, Seedsop, dark_profanity, peropero11, endlessnami and I went to trinoma to see a movie and eat dinner. We went to watch "enchanted" in THX. Lol.

Over all, the movie was really meant for children. The concept isn't all that realistic but the movie gave me that old feeling I had when I was a little girl, watching lion king. And somehow, it reminded me of a few things that I thought back then was real too. Its a definite feel good happy ending fairy tale. I don't know bout you guys but I found it hilarious...

Especially the random dance numbers. XD gawd.

I also love the OST btw...

I cried near the ending...XD Yeah I know....hit me with a brick please.

"I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss"


ahhhh... It feels nice..^_^

Tomorrow is our day... Just him and me...

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