Thursday, November 22, 2007

2 In the Morn. Wazzup Dawg!

Okay Its 2 in the morning and I have a few hours to burn before I start my shift. And I have absolutely no one to talk to. So here I am in front of the PC posting a random entry.

I thought browsing through Friendster was something nice to pass the time but apparently some ass installed a flash opening for her friendster in my list. I don't really know this person personally so I tried checking her profile to see. and OMFGASGFSHRWT#@#@$%#%$#%@!@!@!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP THE HORRIFYING IMAGES FROM POPPING OUT IN FULL SCREEN WHEN I ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT?! GEEZ... You're gonna kill people with heart attacks!

ayt... not opening that account again.

Saturday seems a bit blurry for me but I really want to go to AME Gakuen Sai and see my friends. :( Sad. I want to take pictures of them and eat at chocokiss... and watch a movie with my beloved and my friends in Trinoma.

My future doesn't look very bright... My mom and dad are force feeding me pills that tastes like.. uhhh shit. :( blehk! Yucky... It may sound weird but I still runaway from my dad when he tries to make me drink pills that tastes icky... :(

Concentrating on the nice fluffy thoughts to drive away the irritation, my growing obsession with Hatsune Miku led me to actually make stationary designs of her. Yesh.... Me write letters on Hatsune Miku Stationaries... My God it's so grade school but I luff it.


Will I look cute if I were a guy? Do you think I can pull off a shota image? Hmmmm... Cause my mom gave me the go signal to cute my hair to Mizuki length (Hana Kimi Live action). If I do that, do you think I would look shota-ish? Hmmmm *snickers*

Mizuki has a flat boobage area!

I'm freezing... I forgot my jacket at home and I think its close to 50 below here.....T_T

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