Thursday, December 20, 2007

Because I'm an adventurer! W00tz!

Yesterday was a life-draining experience. XD

After my shift, I went to the mall area and frolicked among the santa figures displayed there. I also stayed there a bit to look at the pretty lights and went home. I didn't attempt to sleep cause I know If I do, I won't wake up on time to meet John later that morning.

I set out for the meeting place, which is LRT Santolan are at around 10am. Got there barely 11 and went to buy tickets ahead. Knowing that its almost lunch time, its safe to assume that buying tickets already will save me from lining up later at the dire hour of 12. While I was there, I noticed a few things...

1. Front and center of the entrance, is a table, designated for PNP policemen. I stood not too far away from the table and I noticed that the policeman looks surprisingly gay. It wasn't until he pulled out his pocket mirror and pink purse that I proved my assumption close to the point of affirmation. Its just gay... gaaaaay

2. From behind the post where I was standing, is a store who sold cellphone stuff, hair trinkets and other whatnots. There is a mirror there for trying out pairs of glasses that they were selling and during that whole time that I was there, there had been 6 FEU students, most of them, female, who stood in front of that mirror and fixed their hair, face, and maybe even, nose... o_O

3. One inconvenient thing about using the LRT/MRT during the xmas season is that they reprimand those with gift wrapped packages to open them. I know its a security measure... I know its to keep us safe. But if you spent hours to wrap something delicately, with bows, wrappers, only to have them opened way before they were supposed to, well, it isn't exactly something anybody would be happy about. Note to self: do not bring gifts when riding MRT/LRT.

kay, 'nuff of that, let's move on to the rest of the day.

John arrived and I still like his hat. XD We left the station and ventured on to the land of cheap finds, Divisoria. XD

We arrived at divi around lunch time and the place, paradise for a picky shopper. But the place is crawling with people and vendors! Lots of vendors!!! More vendors than any other place I've ever been. XD *gets shot* of course... that's divisoria ahou!

John and I fought our way to divisoria mall where we bought goodie bags for the party tomorrow and to 168 mall where we ate lunch.
168 mall KFC = FAIL!

=_= It was only after lunch that we found the 168 mall tokyo tokyo branch... dern it... XD

After that, we flew to greenhills to buy some stuff and walk around. XD John showed me shops where we could shop next payday! weee! And we bought Seme's present there. :3 I hope she likes it though. Because John and I were both puckered out from walking and the battle against divisoria crowd, we took a taxi and went home. I got down at Junction and rose to Sta. Lucia, and by some weird instance... I got home. I forgot how. XD I was that tired! Not to mention the irritating pain in my lower tummy.... =_= I hate being a gurl... I can has be a gai!!! who wants exchange?LOL juk.

Due to certain budget constraints, present will also be given out on the 30th. XD Gomen ne minna! *bows repeatedly*

=_= I had to spend the budget on the assigned office xmas party exchange gift amount...


Jake, I'll send your stuff through UPS/FedeX/Air21/LBC ... I forgot to give them to wevin. >_< GOMEN. Hello panda ku ha... :p And yeah... blurt out that secret and I shall undye your hair and turn it pink!


I HAB THE NICO NICO SONG MIX with 33 songs and 15 seiyuuus!!!!!!! With Miku chan!!!! *fangurlz*

合唱 組曲『ニコニコ動画』 featuring 初音ミク Special-Edition Ver.ニコニコ動画コメント付

Is this loli?

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