Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cause Chepot does it differently eh? XD

Unlike the rest of the world, the moment the clock struck 12, instead of eating Christmas dinner at home, I spent my xmas at the office, talking to cheer filled customers who are still in the holiday cheery mood from the other side of the globe. Its not something bad really, just thinking of the double pay and that big fat juicy pay that I might be getting on Friday cheers me up already. But its still a different things when you celebrate it with your family. Its sorta sad that I won't be part of the Christmas pictures this year. I won't even be able to take any for myself. But I guess that's that in the line of work I am. I shouldn't complain.

The present I got for Christmas is having the house all to myself. I'm home alone. XD Like every year, my family goes to our house in Valle Verde to see the rest of the clan to celebrate Christmas lunch and dinner. This year, I opted not to go cause I needed sleep badly. They left before lunch and I woke up 2pm? Yeah... Hurray for developed sleeping disorders!

So yeah... its oh so quiet. XD If I didn't have work today, i'd have everyone come over for a parteh~ Booze and food for everyone! LOL.. mebbe next year? Shhhhh... ^_~

Also, a friendly reminder, try not to get too drunk this holiday season okay?

This friendly reminder is brought to you by:


Pacquiao, for the emo nation...



cuz we're ROENlicious!

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