Monday, December 17, 2007



I know I said I'd be posting something last night after I get home from our deeto. But I had fun with my new maido outfit that I tired out myself to sleep.

One of the many things that I promised myself to accomplish within the day. Yep it took a while since there were some unexpected and unwanted delays but it was all worth it. oh! and yes! I had absolutely no sleep!

Anyways, to start with, my 彼氏 and I met @ around 4:30 in SM megamall. I was really irritated at the great volume of people hogging the comfort rooms from the basement, up! I went with him to do his grocery. One of the things I enjoy doing with him. :) We got all the things that Aling lita asked him to buy and we bought his breakfast for the whole week too... ^_~ So I know what he'll be eating for b-fast for the next 15 days... or so. XD

After groceries, we went out of the mall to place all the groceries in his car. Since earlier, when he parked his car, there's this asshole driver who stole his space, we placed the shopping cart infront of his car.. hehehehehe... Bad chepot... baaaad.

We went back inside and started scouting for his family's christmas parents. He ahd GCs and I had an advantage card.... weeee~ More points for me~! We scourged from basement up to look for the best presents for his family, his mom, dad, brother, sister and his sister's husband. Took us a while but I like doing these things and touching and playing with mall stuff especially the toy section. XD They have tons of toy demos there... and ummm TOYS! After that, we went to Saisaki. We also ate there last year, December 17, also a sunday. I think I might make this a yearly thingy if possible. XD I saw a familiar face there too. Lea, one of my college classmates, now married happily and celebrating also their wedding anniversary. After the short greeting, we continued dinner.

Sushi plate

Last year was a bit disappointing cause they ran out of tuna sashimi. We had to make do with the salmon sashimi, which in my opinion, is nothing near as great as tuna... HAHAHAHA. TUNA SASHIMI RULZ! Dinner was one of the best times we spent together. :3 And the acoustic music played by the roaming band was pretty... uhhh nostalgic and christmas-y. XD

Our new dolls from Saisaki

After dinner before we got into the car, we waited a bit for the fireworks display. We were lucky enough to witness a fireworks display by megamall. it was amazing, long, but dangerously low. XD It was fun nonetheless... It reminded me of the meteor shower I missed last Friday. If it weren't for work, I would've taken him to celestial, in Antipolo, and watched it together.

After dinner, we dropped by burger king to buy my mom some grub.

today is marked as "BEST DAY EVARH!" After last night, I have fireworks in my head and butterflies in my tummy. :3 *dances*

GAh! forgive my grainy photos!

Ph34R my Maido!!!!

To seme:

I think I'm able to save it...^_~ Told ya I'd try...It took a bit of effort but somehow it's back.

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