Saturday, December 22, 2007



Early morning I arrived @ home at around 6am. Seme was still sleeping but she woke up and I gave her, her meds to remove the pain thingy that visits us every month. We waited a bit and went to market to buy the food stuff for the party, picking up Mishi-panpan's nekomimi.

After an hour or two of roaming around the market, we went home, changed into our loliness (well, me...Seme was maido funky) and asked my dad to take us to Rory-neechan's house. (=_= Yeah... yeah... we got lost. but at least we're in the village already!! HA!)

L to R: Rory nee chan(house host ^o^), reese (Really cool dude who loves nee chan), jonjon (the injured dude)

We arrived there way earlier than everyone else. We met Rhys, rory neechan's kareshi. He's a very cool dude. HA Man handling Tere was a plus plus! Thanks for the assistance Rhys! You rock! Hahahaha. Vincent is such a cute little darling. ^_^ And Miyu is the little cosplayer...kawaii... Their househelp were very helpful to us too. Yeah, I injured myself with the canopy sandwich maker thingy that doubles as a polvoron molder. XD

Maido Ch3pot and Loli Tere

We changed into our costumes later on. Kimi-kimonos~ It was such fun! I missed wearing my kigahen kimono~! :3 fuwee fuwee...

The first to arrive was Glen I think. Then the rest followed, most of which, also got lost along the way! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (It feels nice to so not be alone in this misery XD) The party officially started at around 4pm.

We served the cookies up first and chicken, lots of beverages (both non alcoholic and alcoholic). The abundance of food is nothing that I could describe. Food was overflowing... literally... the 3-4 tables set up or it wasn't enough to accommodate all the food.. Pizza, cake, pancit, barbecue! and lots more!!! So much food that even I, chepot could not eat all! o_O I was like ZOMFG so much food..... I could have eaten to my hearts content but the sharing, reminiscing moments were fun-ner! I love listening to stories and telling them also. I feels nice to be with them. It felt like somehow, I was with them when those things happened. So fun... ^_^

It was nice to see old faces again. I saw balucs,jer, jonjon and sam again. Its been a while since I last saw them. I think it was last summer since I last saw them. Its sad that they couldn't bring Edsel along. That would have been fun...:3 (for me maybe XD). Daddy Sam!! *reaches out* kidding! Sam looked great with red hair... XD Now I want to dye my hair too.... Green? blue? pink? maybe.Mishi looked nice in her lolita outfit! She even has a JSK.... XD one similar to one of fanplusfriend design that i've been eyeing. XD Mishi = lolita...And Jer, Thanks for the .. ^_^ It was very sweet of you. I'll give you something in return. And mishi panpan, Me likey the curtain thingy... we will hang it in my room! (Me adores pink XD)

L to R: Daddy Sam as Reno, Balucs as by bastos, jonjon as injured dude

And its also nice to meet new people. Glen, Arman, roca,rich, rhys and the rest (whom I can't seem to remember the names of... >_< style="font-weight: bold;">"I have to go cause I have to see this pot!"

All in all, the experience was fun. I met a lot of new people, heard a lot of new fun fun stories and enjoyed the time I spent with them. It wouldn't hurt if we have another one of these fun fun parties next year right? ^_^ Merry christmas everyone!


*Rad and Rich walks in*....

Neph in Maido punk: KUYA RAAAAD! *glomp*
Chepot in Loli: KUYA RAAAAD! *glomp*
Rich: is this some sort of fantasy? 2 girls glomping him...


Chepot: Tere its your turn! bunot na
Tere: okay *draws a lot and opens the piece of paper*
Chepot & Neph: *le gasp*
Tere:... *runsaway* SO NOT DOING THIS!!!! I CONCEDE!!!!! I CONCEDE!!!!!
Paper: "kama sutra"
Chepot snickers XD


L to R: Kuya Rad (glomped guy), Ch3pot (resident Maido), Tere (Loli)

Father Rich a.k.a. Spud/potato bag man man man maaan!

L to R: Chepot with timer, and Roca doing charades XD

Mishi panpan loli jsk PEASU~!

Seme: Crust eater, vodka lover (background Miyu: OH NOES!!!!)

Tere's demented loli laugh...Rich approves!

Jer: It went something like this *kneel*
Balucs: di nga pare?! pu#$@#@
Sam: EH????

And before the night ended, GROUP PIC!!!

Photos: from Seme's and Jer's camera XD

All through-out dinner, I was having such fun that I didn't notice I was actually dozing off bit by bit cause I had had no sleep since the day before. I do apologize for that... U_U because of that also, I missed a very important call from my kareshi. He was trying to call me before he boarded the plane. I missed it. I tried calling him but unfortunately, his phone might have already been set aside or turned off. :( I was able to talk to him earlier though...I just wish I could have answered his last calls...T_T

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