Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy happy Joy joy... Okay I should STFU now.. XD

Random Ramblings
(cause I'm totally disoriented today. XD)

Its not an unknown fact that i've been wanting to try on lolita fashion for quite a while now. I'm still in the processof deciding whethere I'd buy a burando... Just once to see if its any different from just getting one made. I know its crazy to spend $135 on something that would look best mostly on babies... but you know, I love ridiculing myself every once in a while and regret it badly afterwards...

Right now things are going a bit stable with the plans. I just need to stop slacking off and get down to what I'm supposed to. I'm quite glad seme got someone to do a feasib for us. The capital, I'd have to loan from my grandma and pay it back later on. She was supportive with the idea the last time we sat down and had a chat on the phone. I just hope that this pulls through cause as much as I like the people I work with @ the call center, I don't believe that I'm really cut out for this line of profession. *drama* I am meant to be....A CHEPOT! (gawd shoot me XD)

Its always so lonesome when he leaves for xmas. But come to think of it, it won't make a lot of difference anyways cause I'll be at work on xmas and new year anyways. I'll be working my ass off during the holidays to earn more moneyz for my baby. (Gawd I can't wait to see the DS lite... Love love loooove~)

I'll do my xmas shopping next week... XD why? Cause I want to procrastinate... That's why.

I'll give as much presents as I can. And honestly, I have a very looong list. I know I should start shopping now... But moolah will arrive later so I can't demn.

Anyways, ^_^ Weeee for my special peoplez!

I hope lola sends us a wii... Yeah right..XD Now that's wishful thinking.

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