Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wave 5 Xmas party ~ Cuz We're Rolex peoplez! Ya hear~

Yesterday was wave 5's christmas party. It was set at 4pm but I got there at late 7pm. XD We all met at gerry's grill for dinner and exchange gifts. ^_^ Its was , once again, a session of stupid fun. Especially with Dada there to entertain us with her never ending waves of green jokes. I took some pics but I forgot to charge my batts so I wasn't able to get much. ^_^;;

Sugar, Dada and kitkit

Dina and Cecile

baked scallops whooopee~!

I couldn't stay long cause I still have a shift at 9 so I left with sugar to go back to the office. Its really funny cause it turned out that the person that I drew from the lot picking for the exchange gift, is also the same person who drew me and we're also lockermates! wicked...

I was late yesterday cause I had to come from Makati and I didn't feel so well after eating shrimps and blueberry cake. T_T So I wanted to make it up today by arriving and logging on early. Next week, they might offer OT for us and I would most probably avail that for extra cash.

Christmas really is a busy season for cheppy. XD I've been to 4 xmas parties now... And another one is coming up on Saturday. I miss seeing everyone. Especially the tengteng boys together again... XD I wish edzel would come...I miss you Edzel!


With that settled, I will now take my day off...And my opportunity to spend the last date with my kareshi before he flies off to the US for xmas. Next week I'll be following a new schedule and its not pretty for Saturday's party... Oh gawd... doshiyoooooooo~


I love my new mini skirt*hearts*

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