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A repost from a year ago: :) See? I've really hated clearances... *smiles proudly*

In MIRIAM college , there are so called “clearances” that you have to complete in order to get your hand on you exam permit. And then, only then can you run after your professors and beg them to sign it…and that’s not everything. You still have to experience the extremely chaotic conditions upon receiving or Taking your grades every semester.

Let me explain the step by step process of torture/ clearance.

STEP ONE: you have to line in the record’s office and wait for your turn to get your clearance to be released despite your classes, and other social appointments that you have to attend during that day. Why do you ask should you agonizingly wait that day? Its because if you claim your clearance later than that, you will be fined 50 bucks or more depending on how late you claim it.(DAMN CAPITALISTS!)

STEP TWO: you go out of the records office and just when you think you’ve accomplished everything, you see all the checks on your clearance. You have to visit the Guidance counselor’s office, Library, Student’s accounts office and so on…your eyes starts to water as you stare at all the checks on your clearance. You start to wish that you can just evaporate like the cold sweat that is starting to dry up on your neck. And then you ask yourself “HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO FINISH THIS WITH MY FINAL PROJECTS IN MY TO DO LIST!?!!!!I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED SEWING MY BARNEY DOLL!!!!!NOOOOO!!!!”(okay…okay…so barney wasn’t part of the problems so lets just pretend that he represents all your private issues that you want to solve asap)

STEP THREE: now comes hunt number 1. this depends on how many organizations you’ve joined during the start of the semester. It doesn’t matter if you joined willingly or not. You’re still required to undergo the same hell as everyone else. Under this step are sub-steps that you have to undergo.

Step 3.A: you must find out who the hell is handling the Sanggunian dept for signing clearances. This person/group of people should be in full uniform (like DUH??), must have the pen (usually black) and the magical list of all the sanctioned students in the school. The one list that everyone wants to tear and burn every time clearance signing comes around. After the officer is done with your clearance, it may not look different from the front but once you turn it around, you will see all the names of the organizations that you joined…and even some you didn’t (hehe…sucks eh?).

Step3.B: thus, the next quest begins. You must hunt find the respective representatives of each organization that you joined. Yes. You must travel far and wide…through time and back to find them…they could be anywhere…in the cafeteria, comfort room, classrooms, Xerox copier machines, or any random place in the school…or worse…outside school.

Step3.C: this step makes you wonder if hunting for the org’s representatives are really worth it…once you have completed the task of finding them, only then will they give you a quest…yes…another quest…a quest to find cash to pay for your sanctions or items that you need to sacrifice to them in exchange for their legendary stamps and signatures. And once you have completed the list of tasks given to you, the will, (FINALLY) sign your friggin’ clearance. Only then can you move on to the next step.

Step3.D: in this step, you must go through the same hell that you went through in Step 3.A. Yes, look for the officer with the pen and the stamp. She often hangs out in sanggu at this time. But if you’re extremely unlucky, like everyone else, she’s out somewhere roaming around. And get you’re Friggin clearance stamped again! YES! And just when you thought the worst is over, you turn your clearance around and see all the other departments you haven’t visited.

STEP FOUR: You must visit all these departments and get them to sign your clearance…but first, they will either give you fees to pay and/or things you must pass/do like letters, attend last minute seminars…the works. Once you’ve done all those, (which btw didn’t sound pretty exhausting cause of the lack of descriptions) you are now ready for the next step...

STEP FIVE: Just when you’re about to lighten up cause you’re almost done, you suddenly realized that you forgot to bring all your official receipts…yes. You need each and every one of your receipts, along with your Registration form to get your Friggin exam permit from the students’ accounts office of doom. So you go home to start rummaging in your closet, laundry basket other random places where you keep your school stuff to look for the said items. After what seems like forever, your house help finally tells you where she hid them. You went back to school only to find the extremely long line of students all piled in front of the students’ accounts office… (Mutters curses). You patiently wait for the line to finish because your class will start in a few moments but unfortunately, the cut-off point before closing time is 2 persons before you. (Mutters more curses) You come back the next day…and finally, you get your exam permit.

Now, the next problem you will face is getting the professors to sign your exam permit…meaning, you have to fill in a couple more of requirements…

Makes you want to burn it down for making life more complicated and miserable...

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