Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On life and other things?

On other news, I want to thank omniblade for imparting those wubbly pics . XD OMG... If I were there, I would have gone! Gawd why haven't they invented cheap means for teleportation yet. XD

Must list my "want" list....*inspired* Must include flat screen TV.... And all the wii love from the nintendo booth! :3

My works look like dog shit beside omniblades' .... ;_; I wanna kidnap you and drag you back here for the xmas party!


Speaking of Xmas party, people who are concerned with the preps, let's go on a YM confe sometime to discuss the details further. I heard that some need to be informed ahead of time about the date and time so they could file leaves from their work. (T_T I'm not entitled to any leave until I'm regularized)

Welcome home lechon!

My sched sill still be the same until friday. Saturday, I plan to meet my kareshi and seme for some things. And also, I heard that Balucs is back in Manila. Yahoo! Maligayang pagbabalik sa aking katotong manunulat! Oi pards! Libre ka naman!

I have a new anime fandom....

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Don't ask why....XD Its the attacked of the pink-haired leads!!!

Also, I'm watching You're under arrest: Full throttle....

Sad that Saori is not in Bokuto station anymore... ;_; And the plot is a bit uhhh... too vintage to reel in new fans for YUA. Its a good watch for all the ole YUA fans, back when it was still popular.

but... One word to describe it? YUUUUURI!!!!!!!!!!!

The ending song is so yuri! Ah lab eht!


I still marvel at Natsumi's footwear's durability.... o_o Gawd.


San Miguel Oktoberfest closing party on sunday, Megamall.... contemplating on whether I should go or not.

who among you guys are going?

Is there any bomb threat for that day?

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