Sunday, October 28, 2007

NWA: New worlds Adventure

Yesterday, I didn't expect to be out so late. I originally planned to just watch a movie with my kareshi and go home after NWA so I could rest and train the very next day.

Some things just happens unexpectedly. After going to the doctor, and learning that he's not in for the nth time, I went to Glorrietta to see the NWA con. My officemates were kind enough to drop me off at G4 before they went to the Makati branch. ^_^ Sweet little angels they are.... I roamed around first with Khai and Abbey before I went in. I was urging them to come with me but I guess they find it weird so they just went to window shop. I met my kareshi and I helped man the Highlander booth. XD It was oodles of fun.

Calypso and Will Turner

Capt. Jack sparrow

The immortals of the highlander booth ^_^

I was expecting Hayri to come but unfortunately he couldn't make it *pout* (must-punish!). Rev also came and hung out with us at the booth and it made it even fun-er.(and I love inventing words) XD I saw some familiar faces and some not so pleasant people from my past... *shudders* I didn't expect to see him there...o_o That was like... 6 years ago. Oh gawd.

I roamed around and the con booths were awesome. Except for the star trek booth. I didn't visit the booth cause everybody knows that I'm automatically biased...Gawd the enterprise people are roaming around and my kaweshi was teasing me to take pictures of them. =_=

I am especially fond of the Heroes booth. Their booth concept was amazing. Decorating it to look like Isaac Mendez'sstudio....*clap* *clap* WIN!!! And the Clair cosplayer really played the part. I heard from Kuya Ranulf, She did cartwheels and a split on stage....GAWD! in that skirt! I should have been there to see it!!!!! I should have beeen there!!!!!!!

After that, Rev, my kareshi and I went to Ongaku on the block. XD Rev and I helped him with his work and I really enjoyed it. :3 Yey! I got to be bouncer! *dances chibi* Too bad Rev has to leave early cause he had work today.

And I got to play DS multiplayer games with friends. ^_^

And the main reason why I couldn't sleep right away was I saw the smexy hot doujin of FF7 from . I think it was still part of my dream last night but... in my dream, it was live hawt pornage!!!! XD Oh the hard licking porn can't smell any fresher. XD (searches the net for more)

I was really sleepy and I enjoyed the whole day cause I got to spend it with my kareshi. It might be while before I can spend time with him like this again so I made it as fun as I could. I want to cherish the moment while its there. And yes, I'm a love sap. XD

The day before, seme and I finally got to fulfill our craving for parfait. XD yes. After almost 5 months..... YESH! FINALLY!!

And in the process, my officemates now think that I'm a two-timing Bisexual. XD Don't ask how it happened. It just did. And they think its cool! HAHA...

Gah... I'm supposed to go training today but I woke up late. As in really late. T_T 12pm. I'm home alone and I've nothing to eat but... uhhh... some stuff in the ref that I can reheat. I can't cook anything cause the ref is out of raw supplies. Decent food!!!!!!!!!! Where forth arth thou???!

My new LOVE!

Kodomo no Jikan. XD

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