Thursday, October 11, 2007

Numanumabuttinhaler.. XD


I just bought new materials and am starting my new project. ^_^ Thanks to my mom for the support.

I'm still having problems with the patterns and stuff but I think I can manage as long as I keep my patience with the sewing machine. T_T I'm okay with hand sewing but... Sewing by machine feels all that different and more complicated. Mom has to teach me hot to use the bobbin thing and when to step on the pedal and stuff. I'm totally clueless. :(

She is excited to make it on her own but I think, since its my project, i should work on it with my own blood and sweat. May it be hand sewn or machine sewn I should be doing it.

Numa-Numa Lurve

I found this on the intornetz... thought that would love it.. NE SHIN!?! WE LOVE THIS SONG.... I mean... who would have thought that it was a love song... O_O

Military BUTSEKZ (Sasunaru Style)
Monkeybuttinhaler shared something meaningful with me today. She gave me this art... Its so Love that I want to share it with my Sasunaru Seme! :3 and the rest of the Sasunaru fans here... XD (am not Sasunaru...)

And we dare blame for everything!

we blame Kat for:

- Global warming
- Military buttsecks
- Yaoi fandom at school or in any place she stays in
- Yaoi plagues
- Aids in Africa
-Sprouting new Yaoi pairings
- Child trafficking
- And yaoi torrents!
-World hunger
- and other social and moral issues!


Also, we need a guy who's willing to cross dress and
ce with us for a video! Willing people, please leave a comment here. :3

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