Wednesday, October 10, 2007


=_= gwar. I'm here at school hunting down what's left in my hitlist.

Chepot's clerance Hitlist


- Sanggu (Pending)

Yep! More hunting...

If only we could do it like the british... Throw in a bunch of hounds, a horse, a gun and hunting horns! YEAH! That'd be more fun!

I decided to go out for a while and play Audition and guess what? ITS FREAKIN' Maintenance... =_= Not a good day for ch3pot....

And... I might drop my Tagged account. XD Its not all that important to me anyways... So yeah. XD RANDOM!

More randomness....

Can't get nuff of Hana Kimi!


^_^ I just love the pairing!!!!!!!

But then again, I also like it when Izumi gets jealous! WAAAAAAAA!!! Pressure! which pairing should I be loyal to?!!

I'm a sucker for romantic comedy....

And free food... let's not forget free food. XD

"Masamang tumanggi sa grasya..." ^_^ YAN ANG MOTU!!! WHOOT

I miss my kaweshi... I miss his squishy wuddly much goodness.

I want to go to him right now but I has huntingz to do!!! I want to be with him badleh~ But he also has workz. T_T Warzh!! This is frustating....



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