Thursday, July 16, 2009

Webcam funfun x WoW

Ahhh It's raining hard outside. It's been going on since yesterday and it's become quite cold. Brrr One of those times that's best spent with your special someone warm and cozy, snuggled up on the couch, eating chips and watching movies. How I wish I could spend it that way XD. Knowing the kind of "sap" (quoting him XP) that I am, I'd find a way to spend it with him as much as possible anyways. Hahahahahaha... no I mean, srsly I would.



If I can't have him over, then the next best thing was bring the rabu rabu to him. So I waited for him to wake up, greeted him good morning and spent all morning virtually cuddling (whatever that means XD) and making goggly eyes at him on my webcam. LOL

The night before, we spent 2 hours talking and laughing on voice call. Just making it a little fun before he leaves for EVO today. He's competing in a Soul Calibur 4 Tourney in Las Vegas and I want him to leave in good spirits. Though a little conflicted on which character he'd use for the tourney, I ensured him that whichever he chooses, I'd be here to support him all the way. (But actually, when he asked me which he should use, I was a little biased :P I tried to persuade him a bit to use Yoshimitsu. But then again, out of 150+ competitors, there's bound to be tons of other yoshimitsu users out there too XD So I ended up leaving the decision to him again rofl. Yahoo GF support!). I hope he sees swoozie or Jamal there \^o^/.

Gambatte hunhun! *cheers* OSU~!!!!!



Anyways, we both agreed to transfer to Bonechewer server when we come back. He says he miss PVP servers and I feel like trying out something new. I still don't know how to do arena and I think I owe it to myself to try to maximize the game experience :) We both felt that our current PvE aussie server is a little too stagnant anyways so we both think its best to move to a better server with better raid hours. My Singaporean and Maldivian friends are nice but when they talk on vent, not a sentence mentioned would lack "lah" and it gets irritating at some point. I don't mind them speaking their native language but it makes it hard to distinguish when they're speaking their language and when they're speaking in english. ;_;

so anyways, here are my goals in WoW:

1. Get to level 80
2. Gear up for raiding
3. Get Epic flying skill (^o^) Thanks to my hunhun for donating 5k XD
4. Get a mechano hog (technically I helped Raishiro get his. I cbf to get my own for 14k XD)
5. Get a Netherwing drake
6. Get the red proto drake
7. Get the green proto drake
8. Get Time lost proto drake (>_> more like time wasting proto drake tbh)
9. Get 50 Mounts (albino drake!!!!)
10. Get violet proto drake next year
11. Finish EoE within 6 Mins
12. Get champion of the frozen wastes title
13. Heroic fall of Naxxramas -
Saph and KT left In progress
14. Heroic champion of Ulduar
15. Do all of the above in a PVP server -
In progress
16. Level an alliance toon to 80 and do all of the above
17. Get geared for Arena
18. Arena team with Raishiro/kulotz (Kulotz is optional lol)

Lol we went on a short date in-game before he left :P

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