Sunday, July 06, 2008


Destiny must really hate me so much. But then again, there is still a work-around for most problems. Mine is just a little ... I dunno... Impossible? GAH! Yaoi con is just around the corner and we have to get things going. Real time confirmation is needed for me to move. Also, the con is scheduled, plans are plotted already and timeline is my only problem right now... of course I need help and advice regarding some stuff...

Also, I talked to my beloved . And I only have one question....Why the hell did fate drift you off to Hawaiii???? T_T I was looking forward to going to this year's yaoi con with everyone...*sad* You are therefore required to bring me home a nice little hula boy when you come back! :( *shakes sushi repeatedly*

I need to talk to people, namely, and . We're going to make our yaoi con this year an unforgettable one for our little skittle family. ^_~ And no, I will not sell to some random salary man to earn extra cash for that. (hihihihi :3 Carlolo/ will hulk smash me XD )

Oh yeah, I finally saw the first episode of Antique Bakery. XD Haha YU-CHAN!!!!!! *glomp* Demonic charm works on me and am not gay. Blinding gay pawaa! :3

Also, I heard that there was an earthquake. o_o I didn't feel it though. >_< I might have been too busy watching Get Smart where our beloved Masi Oka is exhibited some nifty geeky moves. XD The movie didn't fail me. It even revived my ultimate Heroes Pairing! It was a huge surprise for me to see his love interest in the movie. Not to mention the fact that seeing Masi Oka in a nipple shirt made me squeal with Joy.

<<<<<--- CHUNK OF GEEKY JOY!!!!

Dear girls,

We might have to put our little treat for next year due to some schedule conflicts that will arise in the late quarter of the year. I also have a few surprises in store...^_~ You know I love you...



Eiva girls,

I'll be posting stuff and polls in the Comm. I hope you could drop by and give your answers once its up. :3

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