Sunday, July 06, 2008


Girls generation Pwnd wonder girl's ass(essessesesesesesesXinfinity) HAHAHAHA (Click here for moar info)

:3 I love my SNSD girl's genration MP3s...


All Kpop reported on how SNSD kicked WG's ass last Friday. While the americans celebrated 4th of July, we SNSD fans also celebrated in glory from the victory that SNSD earned when they performed WG's "Tell me" on special stage. Imo, they did it better than how WG originally performed it. Compared to WG's futile attempt to look cute by singing "Kissing you," I think SNSD did pretty well, pwning the contender's asses(seseseseseseses LOL). I was a bit doubtful at first since SNSD has never done rap for as far as I can remember but they did it pretty well, singing "Tell me."

Watching the performance in HD 120mb vids makes it clearer that SNSD is truly the victor in this challenge.

I don't want to say this really but, I can't help but notice that WG's "Kissing you" outfits look cheap. >_>Nope lollipops didn't save them.

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