Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend with friends ^_^

After meeting strawberrychain @ ATC, we went on a convoy to her house. I met a lot of nice new people and also saw some familiar faces. ^_^ And stryderranulf showed us his code geass figure that he chanced to buy in Hongkong... Here's a goofy picture of it... XD It just had to happen. He has girly hands!

We had fun reading through her pron stash and her gothic lolita bibles. XD And there was awesome food too! Lemme show joo pics yes:

A box from straberrychain's pron stash stuff

The cake is not lie!!!

Peanut butter jelly time!

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Xandra, thanks for inviting us to your lovely party ^_^ *hugs* And introducing me to a dog who doesn't bark at me or bite me... :3 Cheppie loves your doggy.

We left the party rather late and went to Eric's ^_^ Eric's celebrating his bday with his dad it seems so we stayed indoors to eat pancit and watch mtv movie awards. After that, since fight quest was on, they watched on. As for me, I was poofed and contracting shrimp allergies/dizzy. I slept... >_< I didn't know if I was drooling already or what. I'm so ashamed. T_T I'm sorry....

The next day, after pacquiao won, we went to Galle to meet with the SC peeps. ^_^ Lol although halfway, I was tempted to play Audition in a nearby cafe, its a bad addiction I tell ya. XD I posted the pics up and the vids in Multiply.

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Ard's Ivy
Setsuka Vs. Yun seong

For Jake

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