Sunday, September 23, 2007

U got jailed...

Ch3pot feels weird

Got to school late cause I was too lazy to get moving so early in the morning. How late you say? My class starts at 8am... I got to school, taking my time, 9:30am. XD & Surprise surprise! A quiz on "Tale of Genji." Fucking Crap! I only read the notes for Dante's Inferno and Don Quixote! I was in a crap load of shit and then I remembered Saki's ([info]hikariyami_miko) user name. I owe you Saki!!!

I got dismissed late cause of the damn quiz so I hurried to Ministop only to learn that it got moved to a later time so I played a bit of Audition before meeting them. Together with Monina, we left at quarter to 1pm. Along the way, they were ranting about film class and classmates ...Like I said, living in an all girl's college environment is just plain sick. I prefer the fun world of Coed really....And how Miriam would just suck as a university....

Yes... MU!

MU = Miriam University
MU = Mutual Understanding
MU = Online game
MU = Mga Ulol
MU = Mga Ungas
MU = May utang
MU = Maraming Utang
MU = Made in Ukay

Please start making jokes about it.... Desecrate it! Destroy its name! It would amuse the heck out of me and the rest of the people who hate it to the core.

Anyways, we met crista's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Yambao somewhere near the RJP area. We rode a tricycle to the compound and were prohibited to use any techie stuff (e.g. Cam, phones, PDA, etc... Elecronic panties)

I'll save the experience post for my reflection paper... so yeah. XD No Prison stuff here... bleh.

I was hoping to surprise my kareshi by going to UGG unannounced. Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet cause he went home early. *sad* I saw some friends and hang out with Andrei for a while before roaming around with Joy, jac and uhhhh ^_^;; I forgot her name... Sorry T_T

After that, Nii-nii took me to the Bus cause I'm hopelessly lost. The bus conductor didn't let me pay the fair and kept winking at me... T_T Creepy! He gave me a ticket though... T_T

fred/freid/fried (Gawd how do you spell that name!). From there, we went back to "The fort." I hurried out of the bus and ran towards Glorrietta 4 to meet up with Kami and Jen. We rushed to Megamall to meet Kami's bf, Dave (a.k.a. Dilis haha) and his 2 friends, RV and =_= to eat at Prince of Jaipur. (Lols I was just there haha!) If I had only known, I would have stayed put. We sat down and ordered... well, things were pretty expensive so I didn't lavish out since its not my money we're using and well, I'm not that close to Dilis yet. While waiting for the food, RV and Fre- whatever were acting like total idiots, playing with the utensils and acting out random Harry Potter Scenes... Dumbledore couldn't be any gay-er!!! Curse you RV! You will be punished! Gawd this'll haunt me....

Jeny ranted about her runaway groom all through out dinner. It was fun bashing him but... It wasn't as fun as laughing at and bashing the ole asswipes. Somehow, deep inside, I kinda felt sorry. I saw/sorta felt the pressure that pushed the marriage through and well, Jen is admittedly pushy at times. But I bashed him anyway XD;

We're almost done with Dinner when Dilis went out. Kami and I followed him cause I was joking that he might be meeting a mistress outside haha... XD Or leave us to pay the bill and make a run for it.

2 things shocked us...

Dilis took out s box of cake from the car. And may I say that... DAVE WILLIS MACARIO...YOU ARE TEH LOVE!!! He brought out a RAINBOW CAKE!!!! SHET!

Another shocking thing was...There were a pair of pants on the ground, beside his car..HAHAHA since he still had his pants on, well.... HEADS UP PEOPLE! PANTSLESS DUDE RUNNING AMUK IN THE FORT!

Quoting Kami, "They're still warm" haha

We went back inside to eat the cake (I only had one slice cause Kami got more... T_T). I thought, all that time, it was Kami's bday we're celebrating. Apparently, its Dave and Kami's 3rd year anniv. (=_= Right Jen...Now I know why you dragged me) I find it really sweet that they're sharing it with friends instead of being intimate and spending it alone. I haven't known them that long but yeah, they're very warm people and they like having friends around.

After an endless barrage of call center jokes, RV and I decided to go home and leave the crew. They're up for some clubbing. I'm not really fond of that kind of nightlife and the fact that I'm under-dressed for the venue, (thought the VIP pass is tempting.... hehe) Dilis dropped RV and I at the MRT station and we were off.

Congratulations to Jill nee chan ([info]macgirl_13) for winning 2nd place! :3 I <3 Jooooor work... ^_^

That's it for now...

This link is love.... XD Top ten best animated movies for (traumatizing) kids (thanks to Rory-neechan ^_^)

Colored for Erika ^_^ --->

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