Friday, September 28, 2007

☆~ 初音 ミク ~☆



Hatsune Miku(初音ミク) is Crypton Future Media’s singing synthesizer based on Yamaha’s Vocaloid2.
It also refers to the mascot character of the same name.
The name is a word play: Hatsune(初音) meaning First Sound, and Miku(ミク) deriving from the Japanese slang for Mixer.
The official design was created by KEI

I'm so in love with her luffleness~! ^_^ My love for kero chan cannot be compared to my love for you Miku chan~

Miku-chan sings!!! <3 href="" _fcksavedurl="">based from a real person?)

*Miku-chan sings Hare Hare Yukai in acapella <3 href="" _fcksavedurl=""> Bouken desho desho
*My current LSS is Tsukasa's song from Lucky star CD Vol 3
*Lucky star instrumental - Lalala Koppe pan~
*I dunno what this is but i think its okay too
*Our LSS weeks ago XD
*She sings CCS Songs of Lurve~! >>>(LOL VERSION)
*Nursery Rhyme's True to my heart (Saori Sakura) >>>(Original run with miku)
*err something
*Neon Genesis Eva's Fly me to the moon (T_T MIKUUUUUUU~!)
*Some sort of bed time song? Dunno... XD
* You

AND SHE SINGS CLASSIC GAME TUNES TOO~! <3 class="ljembed" embedid="">

(In order:)
  • Kung Fu
  • Ninja Jajamaru-kun
  • Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Dragon Quest 3
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Romancing Saga 3: Ellen's theme
  • Romancing Saga 3: Katarina's theme
  • Actraiser: Fillmore
  • Actraiser: Bloodpool/Kasandora


Miku Only Doujin event link >>here<<

"Stop asking why she's waving the leek! It doesn't matter if its senseless... Its cute" <----LOL

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