Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This was 2 months ago... again, just backtracking cause blogger failed on me.


1. Anniversary Dinner
2. New Job
3. verjill's bday
4. Anniversary gift
5. New work

Well, a lot of things have happened int he past month. To start with things, raishiro and I just celebrated our 2nd year Anniversary. It seems like it was only yesterday when we started going out. I don't want to mention the things we've been through, but all I can say is that, we've been through plenty already. We still have a lot of room for improvements but we're both getting there. Whats making this hard though is that, we still have another obstacle coming. I just hope that I'm strong enough to withstand it.

For our Anniversary, we ate at Nihon Bashitei~ in Makati. I picked him up from Paseo and we walked to the place. We passed by kink cake and this was what I saw. It's a Wall-E cake! ^_^ Yep. And right behind him is a stand filled with Sextoys. Why? It's Kink cakes after all.

Walle-E Cake

Once there, we went in, got seats and ordered some items on the Menu. We've been meaning to go to the place since last year. Khursten celebrated her birthday here and raishiro told me that they had good ramen. I liked the place. It was cozy and the idea of having mini rooms for meetings looked fun.

I noticed a few things that night. One of these things I noticed about the place, were the Japanese Sake bottles placed high up in the cupboard over the customers in the counter area. I found it fun watching them reach for it when somebody ordered it. Also, I was amused watching the Japanese guy in the corner getting drunk and looking pretty depressed. And it kinda amused me how people kept yelling Irrashai over and over again in Filipino accent.XD

While waiting for our order, I asked him to open his gifts. ^_^

A new keyboard and cadbury chocolate nomnoms >_<

Then we ate these :

After dinner, we walked backed to greenbelt to buy books/comics from Powerbooks before going home. After that I fell in a sort of slump. I thought/felt that there was something missing in the relationship. Which later on, proved to be mostly because of PMS. >_> DEMN YOU PMS! Such curse on female kind!

After that, I felt unsatisfied with work, slowly, after the reshuffling of teams. My new team lead is a two-face placed in the body of a hot booby sexy woman. She's too strict despite the fact that I give her good stats. I started skipping work and applied to John's company.

The application took only half a day but it was nerve wrecking and I never thought that I had to experience Internet explorer 6 in the test. Being a loyal Mozilla user for two years now, I've totally forgotten how to use it. Also, the floor where we took the application exams had the temperature of the arctic circle. What's worse, the waiting seats were all metal. My poor butt froze and felt numb for a while. I also chanced to see Eco there. He dropped by after training to wish me luck on my application. I spent the whole afternoon telling myself that life Isn't that cruel to fail me while playing snake non-stop on my cellphone.

I passed and they told me that I'll be asked to go back October 6 for training, but they took it back and asked me to report to work immediately the coming Monday. John went to work early and we celebrated the event by eating Lamb steak and potato salad. ^_^

John's shake ^_^

After that, I went to work and that was the last they saw of me. The very next day, I met up with friends in Trinoma for verjill's birthday eat-out. She treated us to pepper steak and there I met another corn soup that made my heart skip a beat. XD After lunch, we moved to coffee beans and started chatting. Accross our seats were a couple of gay people in a meeting.

Friends ^_^

Corn Soup [^_^]

Gay People o_O

That was also the same day raishiro gave me his anniversary gift. I was actually thinking that it would be a dancing wall-e toy or something edible. But I got something better.

Raishiro's anniversary gift ^_^

This gift totally eliminated my idle moments and people skills. I spend my time playing games on this baby than socializing with real people at work. XD And it also saves me from the walking LEVEL UP FUCKTARD I attend training with. Yay!

As of last Wednesday, I am officially and legitimately resigned from my previous company. After all the fuck that I had to put up with, I'm finally free. But, for a moment there, I actually thought they wouldn't let me. They tried to stop me from resigning. I had to lie my way out just for them to sign my exit papers. I hate having to do those things, but in this circumstance, it was necessary. It felt like a do or die thing. I went there 4:30am, got out at around 6:30, teary-eyed and happy. "FREEDOM! GET!!"

I'm starting work now in a new company. I'm still in training but I'm hoping this company wouldn't let me down as much as my previous one did.

Some of my current officemates

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