Saturday, November 22, 2008

One saturday afternoon

Today's Hero con and komikon. I was supposed to meet up with friends in Tiendesitas today to have some good ol' bonding session but due to my current circumstance, I had to stay at home. I hope my friends had fun at both events though. ^_^ I can't wait to see pictures.

My fever went away this morning, but my temperature has yet to stabilize. I couldn't go to raishiro's today either since parents demand that I do not go out for a while. -_- But they always leave me at home alone...Well, they usually leave me food anyways so I'm fine I guess. My only fear right now is that I might run out of tissue while they're out. LOL

Raishiro dropped by this afternoon to take care of me. I had my dose of 3S today; Supi, Solmux, sushi. Yep. Supi brought me a whole bilao of sushi. We ate them together and he had me lie down in bed to rest. He stayed with me as I slept after chugging down half a bottle of cough syrup. It's sad though, I have to see him leave early cause he has errands to do. But he bought me a few packs of Milo and soup to make me feel better and that means a lot to me. *huggles supi*

Last night, GM nii chan said something about Lorie going ero... I felt a little crazy so I attempted to make an ero- Lorie sketch. XD I has no scanner so I just took a quick pic of it... But I'm planning to fix it more...Too bad the striped panzu isn't visible. XD

This is ero lorie attempt 1 and 2. I know they're not good but, I worked to get the ero effect... T^T But I only got as far as ecchi. >_<

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