Sunday, November 02, 2008

One cold saturday morning....A cat realizes the importance of waking up early.

This is one of those mornings when a lazy cat like myself would like to just swim under the covers and hide from the morning sun. The thin rays of light that pass through my glass jalousie windows poke my eyelids open, telling me to wake up. But the cold drafty air of the coming season seems to strap me back to bed and urges me to cuddle my pillows giving me the dreamy image of my special someone, sleeping beside me. MY mind soon starts to wander in a short shallow dream of him and me walking, talking, laughing and enjoying every moment. I smile and think to myself if only this could go on. But the thought of him leaving never changed to anything heart loosening. It's still depressing. As these emotions mix in my heart and my head, a thought, like a passing neighbor saying hi, went by.

PUTANG INA 10 AM NA?!!!!!!!!

WCG TV 9am Studio 23......coverage ng WCG TV soul calibur and guitar hero tournament!!!! T_T

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