Sunday, November 11, 2007

ROEN, CCHQ, FBR people! Heads up! XMAS PARTEH~!

☆~ROEN, CCHQ, FBR people! Heads up! XMAS PARTEH~!~☆

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Where: Shadow's house, 940 Aristotle St. Phase 4 Vista Verde Exec. Village
When: December 22 2007, most likely afternoon till very late evening. (Alcohol welcome) NO SMOKING.
Food: POTLUCK! Everyone brings something, my kitchen is not that big lol!
Dress code: Cosplay. You heard me. You must dress up for this party, as something or a thematic outfit. Or dress J-rock.

Chepot (me hehe >_<) made comments about games with prizes, I'm considering that we'll need to rent tables and food warming trays and the like. Also, the music and the decorations. (logistics, logistics!)

I'm starting preperations as early as now, since my side involves planting grass and plants. Also so that people who are working can tell their supervisors ahead of time "I will be absent on this day."


Comment here in this post and say what dish(es) you will bring. I will update the list as we go. We've already roped Pepper to doing dessert! Everyone brings at least 1 dish and drinks! There must be variety (too much pasta = bad!)

I'm going to make lasagna. Maybe something else as well, will think about it. I spoke to our driver; he says that they have chairs and tables.

Post replies Please!

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