Friday, September 22, 2006


NOTE: SUPPOSED september 11-12 ENTRY. due to laziness, this wasn't uploaded

hmm...AH.. the internet.. I missed it so much...being in the mountains was fun...but without world will never be complete. ah.. the smell of google! the breeze of yahoo! and the beautiful picturesque scenes from MMORPGs...ahh...the internet...


hmm.. how should i start the story...okay.. here it goes...

i didn't sleep the whole night cause i was up doing my brother's project and going on nonstop soundtrip {background music: takeshi's castle - kiko machine} while eating anything from the fridge. then, i played a bit of TS before leaving for school. I left the house late hoping that i'd get there late and the bus would leave me. unfortunately, the bus is still there...and i was able to get in before it left. *curses* the bus was full already so i had to sit in the middle seat...*more curses* how bothersome...i have to stand whenever people want to take a leak...or go out...what's worse is that one of the girls i dislike in particular is sitting by the window not far from me. (I thought she went to the TBS...maybe the lack of friends discouraged her to go...anyways, it didn't make me any happier to see her.) Good thing for me, one of the girls sitting beside me was sent out of the bus cause she didn't pay for the trip so i got to sit on a bus seat. Another Good thing, one of the members of Nippon Gai, Ice (A.K.A. yuki-chan) was there to save me. she sat beside me and we chatted along the way, making friends with 3P, who was the one sitting by the window [most of the time sleeping]


The trip started out okay...but when we got to the high parts of antipolo, the aircon broke down and gave most of the kikay bitches heat stroke and headache...well, me and Ice on the other hand, were enjoying the soundtrip of OPM songs hihihi [Playlist: Takeshi - kiko machine, Grounded ang Gf ko - rivermaya, onna noko otoko- yuko ogura, tsokolate - parokya ni edgar] we were singing all the way..haha!
we took a stop over.. the place looked kinda like a resort of some everyone went down to release the bulging water, together with Ice and 3p went to buy some food...FUDGEEE!!!and sunkist...but before we left the place, we took some pics using 3p's phone..mine's lowbatt and ice didn't have any cam with her. back to the was hard to walk back since the path is steep... easy to go down...hard to go back...

THE GET OFF [action starts here]

we got there at about an hour and a half after we left. the bus parked and the place smelled like horse shit [ahh the stench of discovery!]. we took our time admiring the view and then we got our seedlings and got into the jeeps that would carry us down the mountain, where the bus can't take us since the road is too steep, rocky and narrow. so we went down and planted our little cute seedlings. [I named mine, rudolph..hihihi] 3p took pictures of brownie, rudolph and treeP [our seedlings hihihi] just when we thought, everything was already over, we were asked to get in the jeep again to descend to the barangay below the mountain. we got there and ate lunch in their basketball court...actually, we [Ice, 3p and I] ate in the jeep.. the rest ate in the court...


after filling our tummy with the lunch they provided, we were all rounded up to line up and head for the river.
hmm... sofar the smell f horse dung is really inviting...the first part of the trip required less effort but as we progressed to the rice fields, the mud was starting to get irritatingly...umm.. muddy...and our schoolmates are making it worse by screaming out (in a malandi tone with mocking facial expressions) "ewwww... yucky....", "ik! ewww.. mud!" or "Kadiri naman dito...ewwww"

[this is excluding the fact that sir mo and kuya jun are teasing me]

 so, we finally got to the river was rocky...[not tessa's kareshi] more like pebbly...cause it's full of pebbles... lots of pebbles to choose from. Yukichan and I couldn't resist the call of the water. So, after folding our pants up to an inch below our knee, we stepped right into the water in our slippers. there were two huge boulders in the middle of the river where most of us sit to avoid getting wet. Since the water is unbelievably warm and UNSALTY like that of the sea, we couldn't help but wet ourselves. Sure we don't have any change of clothes but hey, at least we get to commune with nature.. hehe [insert other random excuses here]. after an hour/ half an hour of playing in the water, everyone was called back to line up to go back to the court, where our jeeps are waiting to take us back to where we left our buses.


so, back to the [qouting some random kikay bi-atch while impersonating her with a funny face] "EWWW...YUCKY!" trail. Yuki chan, trippy and I were some of the last few students to leave. we let the kikay's go first so we can enjoy the scene without the kikay rans and complaints. sure, the smell of horse dung isn't that pleasing but hey, it's still nature...and we're dripping wet from river water. we made a short trip to the nearest sari sari stores hoping to find some tripple A batteries for Yukichan's mp3 player but sadly, they don't sell batteries.


well, since all we had then were xtra shirts, yukichan and I only change our tops in one of the Huts. After changing, we left our stuff in the jeep and went to buy some pomelo fruits. by the time we got back to the jeep we rode before, we were surprised to see that it was full. SOme girls from the other jeep didn't want to transfer saying that they were there first. it was pretty irritating cause we all know that they don't beling to that jeep yet they're insisting that they do. so result was, some of the original passengers of that jeep had to transfer to another one. we also wanted to move to the other jeep but we ended up sitting in the same jeep with the Arsehole Bi-atches who wouldn't budge. If that wasn't enough, they had to talk sh*t and insult us, saying that they didn't go to the river and they had to wait so it's only right for them to stay in whichever jeep they want to. I mean, for crying out loud! It wasn't our fault if they want to be spoiled bitches and stay behind. we didn't tell them to stay either. I even heard one of them saying "Basagin ko salamin nya eh..." something pointed directly at me, who's the only one with glasses at that time. We just ignored their remarks but i have to admit that their rants and remarks were really getting into my nerves. The trip back to the bus area was hell.. thanks to them. i was actually praying that they were in a different bus but it ended up that, AGAIN, we must stay with them in the same bus... Trippy, yukichan and I were obviously wasted by that time...but the irritation was keeping us awake. Thank Gawd they didn't seat near us...i would have to endure another HELL going home. it was already HELL staying in the same bus as LG...


since the bus will pass by an area near my house, i asked our prof if i can go down when we pass by Masinag Market. He openly said yes and I stood up in the aisle to prepare myself. Then, a stupid Tricycle driver just poofed out of nowhere infront of the bus. so the bus driver had to hit the break and sent me flying afront. i caused some bruises that i had to endure on the way home.

*sigh* i finally finished writing it... geez...that took long...hehe

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