Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Yesterday, i had this weird idea that i would clean my room...and so i did...BUT what i didn't expect is that, it would take me all day and all morning to fix it. XD
i never noticed how messy my room was. it's full of junk like empty hello panda boxes, pocky boxes and some random things that i pick up from somewhere...yep...I'm definitely a milder version of  asuza shiratori of ranma...

you know, the brown haired martial arts ice skater...NO. i don't do martial arts Ice skating manuevers [hell i dun even think that martial arts ice skating exists]. One thing she and I have in common is that whenever i see anything cute, i try to get it and own it. I said "a milder version" because i don't necessarily challenge people to a skating match [hell i can barely stand on ice!!what more, fight?] to get what i want.

and what's worse is that i name each and every one of them...and heck! i even give them genders...hehe

Anyways, my room is still a mess so i once again put my sign out the door saying "Hard hat area."

back to work for me... ^_^


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