Thursday, April 29, 2010


Unyaaaa :3 2 things about summer. I hate Summer and I love Summer.

Summer's been both kind and cruel to me. Ever since I could remember, most of the memorable things in my life usually happens during this season. But this summer is speshul...

It's election tiemz! And I found work in the loving forte of my favorite candidate :3 The pay isn't that good... But the benefit of seeing his face on every single spread I check is priceless. *shits rainbow bricks* Unyaaaaaaa~

I wish to print his face on a pillow case.... I hope I get the chance to meet him and shake his hand again *flails*


I still love you [info]raishiro ...♥


Swindled D:

I'm not sure yet but I think I just got swindled 10k. A trusted family friend recommended a business to me and I gave him the initial payment 2 weeks ago. The last time I heard from him was last Wednesday. My dad went to his place and they said he hasn't come home since Monday last week. I'm getting worried that he ran away with my cash. D: My mom's furious but we're giving him a week to respond. After that, Im'ma file a case if it won't cost more than he owes me.

^_^;; ehe... Been plagued with a lot of bad stuff lately. Like that one time.... I- *stops* or that one time... I *stops*...uhh... nvm


On other things, I think I'm slowly developing an addiction for DJMT... I was out with some friends the other day and my friend's gf stood on the machine and her bf swiped the card. We ended up liking the game. It's uber fun! X3 and I love the songs! And...and the cute girls on the visuals is pure happiness. Special thanks to[info]xtraryce for the OST too <3


I'm also playing WoW again. [info]raishiro gifted me with a 3 month game credit for my Birthday last April 13. *snuggles raishiro* He knows he just fueled my will to procrastinate but its a good way to learn how to control my gaming habits. /cries... I'm currently trying to level up my paladin to 80 so I can start healing in raids. I'm also preparing to get the [For the children] Achievement. After that, Midsummer Fire Festival is mine and Violet protodrake will be as good as owned.

I'm looking for someone to recruit into playing WoW. I want to get the 2 seater flying rocket mount just like Mawsi's T_T. I went online at 3am in Dreadmaul just to see her huge rocket. She took me for a joyride on it. The experience gave me a level up as we explored azeroth together. Thank you Mawsi!!!!! T_T

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