Sunday, June 01, 2008

This is real life chat / Boku wa lolicon/Jungle

I love having short senseless conversations with raishiro. I listen to him talk about anything from gaming, to weird things that he did before he met me. He, in turn, listens to me talk about lolita (I know he doesn't care but he listens anyway lol), and the weird things I did before I met him. To give you a peek on how conversation go...

here's a snippet of what happened last sat when we were eating lunch @ yoshinoya. We were talking about magnetic_rose's post with yaoi Manga downloads.

bitch_kicka: Demn, naunahan mo ako magdownload
raishiro: siyempre...
bitch_kicka: haha
raishiro: lol
bitch_kicka: I remember when you told me about khursten teaching you about yaoi
raishiro: Yep, she was my master
bitch_kicka: was?
raishiro: of course there'd be a time na a master would let the student venture on his own
bitch_kicka: eh?
raishiro: go forth my student, learn more about yaoi in the world...*dramatic pose*
bitch_kicka: o_o wow....*clap* *clap*

we were eating and we saw a guy removing some parts of his gyudon and placing them on the side of his platter with no intentions of eating it.

raishiro: OMG! He's removing them?!
bitch_kicka: huh? who?
raishiro: that guy... tinatanggal nya yung gusto kong part ng gyudon!
bitch_kicka: err... its his food
raishiro: still! food wasted!
bitch_kicka: o_O okay... so what you wanna d- oh no... you're not eating that
raishiro: b-but... its calling out to meh~
bitch_kicka: *pats gently* remember our talk about the muffin?
raishiro: *stare* *nod**sigh*
bitch_kicka: good boy....*pat* *pat* No... no muffin. bad.

Instead going to Cavite last saturday, I went to raishiro's house to watch a movie marathon. We met @ megamall after my shift. I opted to deposit the money I owed but the BDO's in the mall had atm problems. We ate lunch in Yoshinoya. Hmmm Cheppie got irritated at the service... They didn't clean our table, orders took too long to be taken and be delivered and they only had one working cash register. I mean... WTF?! is that... You have 3 lines of waiting customers and you only have one working register?! Demn...

After that unpleasant encounter with the crew, we continued with lunch and ran through the day's itenerary. We dropped by the grocery to buy more food and scurried home to watch movies. YAY! Movie Marathon! He downloaded 1Gb worth of movies that we weren't able to watch together last year. We watched American Dreamz and Balls of fury. We ordered a huge batch of sushi, drank jungle juice and ate pocky, topped with a nice batch of seedless grapes. ^_^

LOL. We also finished the last 2 eps of Sailormoon. He's been watching the whole series since November... o_o. LOL. I kinda missed the ending. I used to record the whole eps in my cassette recoder so I can hear mamo-chan's tagalog voice from channel 5, even if I'm at school. LOL. Yep, I was in love with Mamo-chan.

The next day, while he spoke to his mom over YM video chat, his caretaker found the opportunity to talk to me. This was a very weird conversation...

Aling lita: Aalis na siya sa December? Babalik pa ba siya?
Chepot: Mukhang doon po muna siya.
Aling lita: ahh... pano ka?
Chepot: Ano po?
Aling lita: May plano na ba kayong magpakasal?
Chepot: (Eh???!!) Umm.. o_O wala pa po kaming ganong plano
Aling lita: hindi mo ba mahal si Remar? Dito ba kayo titira?
Chepot: (EH???????!!!!!!) ^_^;; ehe... Hindi pa po iniisip yung mga ganyang bagay.
Aling lita: Marami akong mapapayo sayo kasi ako nakapagasawa na ako
Chepot: (WTF?! o_O) ^_^;; Salamat po. Hindi pa naman po kami magpapakasal.
Aling lita: Hindi mo ba iniisip na magkakatuluyan kayo balang araw?
Chepot: (>_< awkward awkward awkward) ummm hindi ko pa po kasi inaasahan yung mga ganyang bagay
Aling lita: ganun ba? ayoko kasing makapangasawa si Remar ng masungit na babae. Gusto ko yung marunong makisama blah blah balah balah blah
Chepot: (>_>...<_<...>_< What the hell?! Where did this conversation come from? Need-to-get-out) ^_^;;;;
Raishiro from inside: blah blah blah Malulungkot si aling lita...
Aling lita: ano yun? narinig ko pangalan ko...teka ha... *goes off*
Chepot: phew...

It was very very very awkward... after lunch, we went to Shang to pick his copy of Mass effect and dropped by mcdo to buy the new shake shake panda fries :3...lovenessness.

My dad texted me that I'll be home alone for the rest of the day cause they all went to subic to go swimming. I asked raishiro to stay with me at the house until my parents get home so I won't be as scared. We browsed through the cosplay folder in my pc. I showed him the cosplays I liked and the uhhhgh ones that I will transfer to the "funnies" folder later on. LOL. he was itching to go home to play mass effect already. XD As soon as my parents got home, assured that I will be safer now, he bid goodbye and left. ^_^

And before I forget, I want to thank Junichi for uploading the nice video "Boku wa lolicon" in his multiply site. Its a really bad LSS theme so I downloaded the Mp3. Haha. With piano version to boot. If you want an mp3, just leave me a comment or a message. haha.

I really want this!

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