Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scorching Summer huh?

Friday, Seme and I went to GH to buy something. It rained like cats and dogs so we got stuck there until the rain stopped. Because were were two bored people, we roamed around and like always, we made fun of everything we saw.

Saturday, I went to raishiro's place to pick him up after work. It was so hot that I got dizzy as soon as I got out of the bus. I also watched this cool canadian flick they were showing in the bus. I believe it was entitled... Cube 2: Hypercube. Really creepy plot line. We picked up seme in gateway and we met with Ate belen to fix the requirements and shitznitz. After that, we ate dinner in Big R. Seme and I bought cotton candies and after that we dropped her off to the taxi bay. Raishiro and I hung out with my brothers. We played games til he had to go home already. :(

Sunday, I went to the office. Most of the people who said they'd come, didn't. But I was glad our TL came. It was a fun filled day if it weren't for the fact that the other teams were being bitches. So many things happened... And I'm too lazy to blog about it. Besides, it would only ruin my mood. Especially after I got into a small accident. >_< Bloood.

We left the place at around 5:30pm. I bought buko pie for my family and some espasol. Since it was raining, I asked my dad if he could pick me up but he was working so he couldn't. I told raishiro and he said that he would pick me up instead... he did and he took me home. His home. XD This wasn't the first time that I'd be sleeping over but I still asked kuso baba if I could sleep over. I think she's ok with it...I think.

After dinner, I just plopped into bed and snorred myself to wonderland. ^_^;;

Morning, Raishiro woke me up and told me breakfast was ready. After that, we went out to ride the shuttle to his work. We waited for around 30 mins for the shuttle to come. And we both slept through the whole trip. We got off near his building and he took me to the loading bay where I rode a bus to home.

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