Sunday, May 04, 2008

Seatbelt: Hold on tight, Brace yourself for the impact

Seatbelt: Hold on tight, Brace yourself for the impact

Since people kept on constantly reminding me to get their stuff, I went to LP yesterday to see raishiro. His car was in Cubao so I dropped by LP to pick him up so we can go get it together. We played a bit of wii, (no brawl though. just Nodame Cantibile) and I watched him play Assasin's Creed. I just want to comment that the game graphx is cool and I enjoyed watching him run from the guards and other pursuers. XD

After lunch, we left the house for Cubao and rode the bus to coastal. I slept throughout the whole trip with my head on his shoulder. It felt safe sleeping like that beside him. He's also very warm, though its already hot outside, I didn't really mind. The type of warmth I felt from him felt soothing unlike the heat outside of the bus. Stupid global warming

We changed bus after getting down near coastal mall. The bus was showing Bruce Almighty and that took my attention away slightly from sleeping. thylla and seedsop woke me up with a phone call asking if I were in the vicinity of Antipolo cause they were running around checking out wedding places. I apologized cause though as much as I may want to, I don't think I can make it.

It was around Makati when something interesting happened in the bus. The bus was going through Ayala ave to Edsa when a car just stopped abruptly in front of it and revved up for high speed in hopes of catching up to the green light of the stop light. The driver placed so much pressure on the brakes that every person on the isle of the bus flew towards the front of the bus, some fell on the floor and one was hit by a projectile umbrella. I, on the other hand, hit my head hard on the head board of the seat in front of me. I felt like the world just wobbled with my vision. From then on, raishiro held me closer with his arms around my waist like a human seatbelt ^_^. Of course kinilig ako... :P

We got to Cubao @ around 3:30 and we went immediately to our first line of business. Buying blacks @ CDR-king. XD After that, I went to see the bonsai exhibit @ Araneta center parking lot. He went on ahead to fetch the car from his uncle. Just 4 mins after we went on our separate ways, the rain poured like cats and dogs. I was stuck in the parking lot under a tent that looks like its gonna collapse anytime. Sure my cam is waterproof but I'm not, and so is raishiro's Ds that's in my bag. The tent I was taking shelter in looked like its collapsing then. people were trying hard to keep it up but I'm not up to find out what will happen next so I braved the rain and made a run for it clutching my bag near me to prevent it from getting wet. Apparently, raishiro was also caught in the rain whiel going to his uncle's place. I knew it was gonna take him a bit of time to dry off so I sat down by coffee beans and ate a light snack, and drank vanilla Ice.

He picked me up and we went home. He allowed me to sleep while he played with my brothers. He introduced my 3 bros to happy three friends (and they can't shut up about it nao >_<) and he also showed them some nes games. LOL... The boys bonded with games. I'm actually glad he's getting along with my bros splendidly. My sister is even challenging him to a match in DDR sometime just to bond. XD I think she got a bit jealous that only my brothers get to bond with him. I guess, I'm just glad cause she liked Arthur very much and looked up to him. Hearing her say that she wants to hang out with me and raishiro is really something that elates me. I guess even though she can be a real pain in the @ss, she's still a best friend to me. (She just tattles a lot >_>)

Raishiro waited for me and took me to work, even giving me a swiss knife to defend myself if I would encounter being held up again, especially now that my schedule is in the wee hours of night. The whole trip was only 26 mins from my house to the office. It was the fastest trip I ever had going to work. Though, I wished it could have lasted longer. I wanted to cherish the moment we had that night.

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