Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I don't blog so much?

I'm back in the ph, finally. After that almost 30 hour ordeal I went through, I am finally home. Nothing can replace the sweet sweet smell of the Phils in my heart. *kisses the ground*

Originally, I want to start my entry with the story of my ordeal that lead me to be a complete racist against Indians and mainland chinese people but I might end up saying things that I don't really mean in the process and get myself in to more trouble so let's just leave it at that. Its a tale to be told in some random moments with friends. Instead, let me start this entry with something else.


I think I know the reason why I can't write anything on any of my blogs anymore.

You know how I always start my blog entries with things that usually leave me upset? Then I follow it up with something that would amuse me and probably some of my readers while reading about an experience that would usually leave people incredibly annoyed. But, ever since I got into a committed relationship, I started to slack in writing. Its not that I stopped having experiences that made me upset but because I finally found someone whom I can share them with.

It's been a year 3 mos since I last held his hand. To me, they were never that warm til I first held them again. I never knew how much I missed him until he hugged me and said he missed me too. I just hope I could see him again soon.

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