Sunday, February 17, 2008


Victorian Valentine

After work, I immediately went to Las Pinas to see my 彼氏. After snoozing a bit, we prepared and left. One our way, i finally got the chance to take a picture of the really amusing Motels in Pasay where we usually pass by from MoA. XD I think these pictures would speak for themselves. XD

for Gateway to buy some things and eat lunch. We ate lunch @ Reyes Babecue, and we happened to see a cute gay couple that we snapped pictures of (Cause chepot has no concept of personal space XD).

We visited Timezone to look at the new Tekken 6 Machine, and went to Ali mall to buy me new things.

We then proceeded to Katips to pic up the girls (that includes eco) and went on our way, experiencing heavy traffic and insanity, to Intramuros where the party will be held.

Katben (Piolo), Tere, Seme, Ice

We got lost.... Yes we did. >_<>_<.

We had our make up done by Xandra :3 (Tenchuu ! :3 I love the fluffy lollifop.thankyouthankyouthankyou! ) And we prettified ourselves in the "Dama" room. XD I'm proud of how cute everybody were... You guys are love. ^_^.

The event started at around 7:30-8:00pm and We helped usher the people in the venue and serve food. We enjoyed the whole night dancing, working and having fun. What made it more fun was the uniform that made. They're awesome and lovely to the nth level of love! Thanks Cat for having us! *dances the hula for you*

>>>Click here for the photo album<<<

Project Eiva At your Service :)

Butler's at your service


to for being chosen to be the lady of the night. ^_^

Swordfight Exhibition
Poetry Reading
Single Dance
Couple Dance
Free Snacks
Free flowing tea/milktea/wine
People in wonderful Costumes
Eco's out of this world routines

After the event, we all went to Libis for a good buffet meal. And the chaos in the car was what I might label as "chaotic stupid fun!" By the time dinner/breakfast was done, everybody's already low on batteries. We went home and hit the sack... No more time for other things... XD

I enjoyed this a lot. I hope next year we could have another one. ^_^

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