Sunday, February 03, 2008

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Time Quest OP song
Kimi no suki na toko - Ken Hirai
Drawn to life ending song - The end

I spent yesterday with my beloved. I went straight to Las Pinas after work to meet him and his new GF... She got him the day before from a high school batch mate. She had him all night...She kept him up late and made his back hurt after letting him play. I finally got to meet his new console... The wii! I'm so happy for him. ^_^

After that, we watched "The apprentice." one thing to say although i'm not much of a feminist... GO GIRLS! GO!!!! PIERS SUCK!! HAHAHAHAHA. Go back to your mummy...>_>

I doodled on a piece of paper on the floor while watching him play with his new GF. But i think it grew somewhat insecure and broke down, just like his PS2 last week... (LOL not really but I like to think of it that way) So after my nap, We went to GH and left them at the console doctor. We met up with Poa and Treiz, went strolling around the shops and looking at stuff...^_^

Treiz introduced us (well more like me...The guys were familiar with it.... I wasn't) to Warhammer... o_o really expensive craft he has there....I wouldn't even dare try...I love my money so much that I want to spend it on girlier and more palate satiating things... like FOOD! :3

And then we went to the Poa residence where we were introduced to the happiness that is The Big Bang Theory... An American series about geeks and a really hot girl who lives next door... Too bad writer's strike cut it short... Hope they continue with this series... It's love... haha. GO SHELDON!!!

The whole cast of Big Bang theory

They played a bit of wii sports and I picked up my new camera. :3 I named it charlotte... Why? cause P-Chan is over rated. >_> ABUSED name as I would say. ^_^ Yes I r azusa!...


After that, my 彼氏 took me home, dropping by Burger king and picking up a couple of Burgers for teh family and ourselves... yes, we ate burger for dinner... XD I swear I was dead tired that I wanted to collapse on the bed next to him. I would have but my laptop went jealous and threw a tantrum on me. *irate* gar... I spent a huge amount of cash for a new charger the next day. I dunno, but I guess it also gave me an excuse to be with my kareshi again the whole day... The whole day meaning from afternoon 'til night. I woke up late (1pm >_<).

We roamed around GH in search for a new charger and well, we found it in a shop filled with emo boys. Piercings galore and black nail polish...O_O It felt weird to be assisted by a cluster of emo boys... And they're considerably knowledgeable of the stuff the store is selling too...weird...just..weird.

Specimen: Emo boy @ your service

so we ate at Yoshinoya and I was once again able to avail the 10% discount for the food using my OS card... :3 Just one fo the many perks of being a member... hee hee... ^_^


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