Thursday, January 10, 2008

Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV

1up released info and a video trailer from Namco-bandai regarding the new secret characters that will be released in the upcoming Soul calibur IV. And surprise surprise! Its George lucas' very own Darth Vader and Yoda...

I grabbed some pics from 1up cause the news was too uhhhh to be true. XD

Darth Vader

Yoda (Pregnancy? Pregnancy?o_o)


"According to Namco Bandai's press materials for the game, Vader will be in the PS3 version and Yoda will be in the Xbox 360 version. You know, because PlayStation is black and Xbox is green." - 1up

John... This is a sign... We relly need to find that freakishly subtitled version of Starwars. Thanks God for China for making the world a more amusing place to live in. XD

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